The Hannah Project

Nov 21

…I’m not Jenny Skoog…

I’m Hannah. Jenny and I are working together these days on some really fun projects for Skoogfit. As a 20-year-old Columbia University student, I struggle with all kinds of body image issues on top of my high-stress New York City life. You see, I have a family history of heart disease, obesity, cholesterol, you-name-it. So I do TONS of cardio (6+ hours/week), eat a vegan diet and am allergic to all kinds of fruits and nuts. Basically, I eat, well, whipped air so I can stay in fighting weight and fit in with my friends. I don’t strength train. Ever. ‘Cause I’m afraid of bulking up. (Don’t tell Jenny.)

I’ve never really been an unhealthy eater (well, so I thought), but lately I’ve been making some not-cool choices…like skipping lunch and dinner to get an experiment finished or not going to the gym because I’m too tired.  And the scale is going up despite the fact that I often eat less than 1,200 calories per day! Argh. Clearly, this is not working and I need to find a solution.

So Skoog and I devised a plan. I’m giving in to her nagging and controlling demands: Project Hannah begins today. At 5’2″, I weighed in at 117 lbs. My bodyfat is at 22.5%, putting me in the “average” category for women my age (no fair. I work out harder than anyone I know). My goal is to bring that percentage down by using my gym time more efficiently. I’ll also be increasing my protein levels (oh boy, my first food goal is to try eggs. The whole thing. I dunno…), eating every 3-4 hours and incorporating fiber, fat and protein into each meal.

Each Thursday, tune in as we bumble (or sprint) our way to success. We’ll re-measure, document and log my progress in the next 12 weeks…so hopefully I don’t turn into the Incredible Hulk for bikini season! Hee hee.

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