Countdown to T-Day: Hosting Tips!

Nov 24


When I host, by the time Thanksgiving dinner is being served, I’m no longer hungry. Ugh-I hate that! The problem is, throughout the day, I snitch at my various projects, like the crumb topping on my apple crisp. Or somehow the nut bowl needs constant refilling (is that ME??). Does this green bean casserole need more Parmesan? Ooh, nibble nibble. Sound familiar?

This year, stop the madness. Make your day much less gluttonous with these quick tips!

1. Wake up like you normally do: drink water, have your coffee and a healthy breakfast.

2. Cut down on stress-eating: organize your thoughts and write down some order to your day.

3. Before preparing a tasty treat, brush your teeth or chew on minty-fresh gum-you’ll be less inclined to pick.

4. Drink plenty of water throughout the day-put down the wine glass and save calories.

5. During a lull in cooking, head outside for some crisp, November air and take a brisk walk.

While I’m at it, as you cook, make those recipes a bit healthier. Ask these questions:

  • For recipes that call for copious amounts of butter, ask, “will cutting the amount in half make affect the taste? Can I use a healthier fat instead, like olive oil? Would a substitute like apple sauce work in this recipe?”
  • Dessert recipes always call for more sugar than needed. Can you use a fruit juice instead? What about honey or agave? Can you add extra cinnamon or spices instead?
  • Instead of deep frying, try brushing your recipe with olive oil and baking in an extra-hot oven.
  • Does this recipe really need added salt? Remember, there’s added sodium in most processed ingredients. Cheese and broths are loaded with salt. You can always add salt but you can’t take it away once it’s been added!

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