No Time? NO Excuses!

Nov 10


Is your schedule JAMMED? Do you literally have just minutes a day to yourself? Is a trip to the gym out of the question for your schedule and wallet?

This seems to be a running theme for women everywhere. In the last month, I’ve received inquiries from clients and fans about quick workouts that make a difference. Moms find time while the babies nap. Executives give themselves 30 minutes in the morning. Brides-to-be stress about everything – time is at the top of the list! The minutes spent exercising add up throughout the day, especially if those minutes matter: results only happen when you push your body out of its comfort zone time after time!

Below you’ll see a list of exercises that mainly target a group of muscles. Consider each category a workout in itself. There are many ways to tackle these “mini workouts,” but be sure you do at least 2 rounds of each exercise per workout to see results. For instance, you can perform each exercise for time (30-60 sec per exercise), or for repetitions (10-20 of each exercise) or in a circuit style (do 5 reps of each exercise for 5 minutes, no rest). This way, your body continues to see results doing the same exercises week after week.

Should you find a particular exercise becoming stale or too easy, mess around with your base of support: elevate your feet on the couch when doing push-ups, add a dumbbell or balance between each lateral lunge. And…of course, feel free to get creative with exercises as you go along!

Upper Body Workout

Lower Body Workout

Core Workout

Power Workout

  • Squat jumps
  • Burpees
  • Mountain climbers
  • Jumping jacks
  • Jump lunges


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