Peer Pressure Doesn’t Die

Nov 18


Peer pressure and social norms are powerful influences on behavior and they are classic excuses.
-Andrew Lansley

I love to cook and Stanley loves to eat. Well, we both do. If he brings home a sweet treat, you can bet it calls my name in the cupboards until I cave in. We don’t buy many treats…after all, we’re trainers with a passion for what we do. Still, it takes support and discipline to keep our diets clean and stay on the straight and narrow. Geeking out on healthy living is the name of our game.

In this case, I’m lucky. Nobody else’s foods call my name. I’m not subjected by my son’s dorito chips, my daughter’s cupcake craving or my husband’s pizza impulse. So for those of you who live with cookie monster or snickedy snack, I know what you’re going through.

Peer pressure is alive and well at any age. Our friends, spouses, children and other family members have huge influence over our food and activity levels. Stop the cycle. Take control and be the leader. Influence YOUR friends and family to follow YOUR lead.

  • Keep sweet treats (like cookies, brownies or cakes) in the freezer wrapped in tin foil in a plastic bag inside a tupperware container. In other words, make it inaccessable.
  • Portion out “your” snacks so that they’re handy when you have a craving, like a baggie of raw almonds or halved grapes.
  • Instead of drinks, invite your friend on an evening stroll in the park to catch up.
  • Create a TEAM in an upcoming race and ask your family to join in! Better yet – run it for a charity of your choice for a good cause!
  • Cook for YOU. Chances are, your household will come around and learn to enjoy fresh, wholesome goodness!


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