Project Hannah: Week 3, Finals Sprain!

Dec 06

hannah cast

Ever feel like no matter what you do, your body’s just like, “Grrl. NO.”

This is Hannah at the helm with my third weekly update on all things “Hannah Project” or lack thereof (see photo above and read on). I know I mentioned this before, but my NYC Ivy League life is, in a nutshell, insane. I’ve entered finals week and have hit the autopilot button.

I’ve been really enjoying my quick, daily 30-minute, on-the-go workouts in lieu of 2-hour cardio bouts I’m accustomed to. These workouts get my heart rate up, have me sweating and feeling great! According to Jenny, my vegan food log is improving, too. Apparently, I’m making some great choices (I’ve incorporated eggs into my now-not-so-vegan diet), eating consistently every 3-4 hours and drinking plenty of water (the problem: I spend more time in the restroom than I’d like to admit).


So today, distracted and shuffling to and from classes while catching up on emails as I walked, I stumbled down a few stairs and, well, my ankle began swelling and turning blue. I hobbled to class, took my exam and dragged myself to Urgent Care. The totally cute doctor says it’s a sprain – no broken bones, thank goodness! I figured this would get me out of my workouts for a couple weeks, but, alas…Jenny emailed me a modified at-home strength routine while I heal. But here’s the real silver lining: I can do little else but focus on my midterms…JOY! So much for wearing heels at my sorority’s formal!


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