Candy Hearts No More

Feb 08


Brace yourself: I’m a recovering sugar addict. Well, mostly in the beginning of the year, but any unseasonal jelly bean would have sufficed. Going to CVS or Target after Christmas was a test of willpower that I failed miserably most of the time.

After I got engaged, I desperately wanted to change my ways. But as Valentine’s Day approached, I felt powerless. Those candy hearts were calling my name, telling me they loved me. My conflict?  I wanted to look as hot & spicy as those cinnamon gummy hearts but I had the spine of Swedish Fish. The post-binge candy jitters were awful! I needed a support group or at the very least, a sugar sponsor…STAT!

Meeting Samantha changed the game. Having a dietitian help guide me past the Cadbury Mini Eggs and onto better choices gave me the confidence I needed to even out my blood sugars and take control of my sugar intake. Sam taught me three simple rules that I’ve lived by ever since:

  1. Plan ahead. Write out a shopping list. Never deviate.
  2. Keep a food log. Stay accountable. Jot it down as you eat it.
  3. Weak moment? Portion a small serving and have protein to level out blood sugars (like almonds).


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