Say NO to Fitness Fads

Feb 10


Is your trainer/fitness teacher/coach certified? Can they back up the program you are on with scientific evidence? Or are they shooting in the dark and making the class “hard” for the sake of sweat?

With all of these fad workouts springing up everywhere (and more on the horizon), it’s tough to weed out the fluff and tempting to try every single one; especially if the lines to get in snake around the virtual block! Surely there must be something behind the hype, or why would everyone be clamoring to get in?

One of my clients did just that: she had been on the waiting list for a new downtown 75-minute fitness class for weeks and finally wiggled in. She (and, by default, I) had high expectations; after all, the waitlist created much anticipation (I think that’s the point)! Both of us wanted to know how this class would measure up to other popular fitness classes like FlyWheel, Barry’s Bootcamp and SLT.

“It was hard. Very hard,” my very fit and svelte client lamented the next day. “Body-weight exercises were performed not for repetitions or set minutes, but done repetitively PER SONG!” In other words, donkey kicks for 3, 4 minutes at a time. As we began our pre-workout warmups, my client fell to the floor in back spasms and couldn’t stand up, her body clearly overtaxed from the day before. I knew I had to do some research and get to the root of the science behind the method.

After a quick google search, I found a glossy, beautifully photographed website with pretty musings and wispy wonderment. The photos paid much attention to long limbs, exposed ribs and fake sweat. The problem? Nowhere on this website does it discuss certifications, credentials or a background in health/wellness/fitness. The founder is simply a stay-at-home mom who was looking to challenge her body…so she created this breakthrough class!

The lesson? Do your research. Don’t have a wolf-pack mentality: just because there’s a line out the door or it costs an exorbitant amount of money doesn’t make it legitimate. Anyone who’s had a Magnolia cupcake will attest.

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