T-Day 2014: A coping strategy

Nov 25


Thanksgiving 2014. I know, right? Balls, this year flew by!

I lead my post with this quote:

For people who are already overweight, the holiday weight news is worse. Although the average gain is only one pound, people who are already overweight tend to gain a lot more. One study found that overweight people gained five pounds or more during the holidays.

Woah! FIVE POUNDS is a lot! Which begs the question, “what on bloody earth are these people eating?!!” If you’re hosting, co-hosting, invited to, or simply crashing a party, I offer the following humble advice:

  1. Start your day like any other. Wake up, drink water, have breakfast, walk the dog. Do the usual. PLEASE DON’T STARVE in anticipation of the big meal. Deprivation and then bingeing is, quite possibly, the most disastrous way to approach a f00d-centric holiday.
  2. Before carving the turkey, carve out time for YOU. Do a turkey trot. Practice yoga. Watch your morning TV show. Put your feet up. A bit of relaxation to calm your nerves will do your body and mind good.
  3. Keep pre-dinner hors d’oevres in check. That mixed nut bowl, those pigs in a blanket and pancetta-wrapped figs look delicious, but each one comes at a cost: more than 50 calories PER BITE! Have one, maybe two and stop right there; you’ll be stuffing your face soon enough with, well, you know…
  4. Fill your plate with mostly vegetables. Have a less-than sensible portion of everything else. Eat slowly and enjoy the conversation. Allow your stomach to catch up with your mouth (at least 20 minutes) before jumping back up for seconds.
  5. Got a fun story or good news to tell? Wait until dessert. When everyone is stuffing their face with whipped cream, pecan pie and other empty calories, share your story. Watch as everyone distractedly inhales their way-too-big portion of dessert while you get yours.
  6. Enjoy alcohol…in moderation. Thanksgiving can be a long, stressful day. Add booze and it can quickly become a nightmare. Between each glass of wine, guzzle a glass of water. You’ll have much better control over the entire day!

Happy Thanksgiving, fit friends!

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