endless summer?

Sep 07

IMG_0347 well, that was fun. i mean, that whole summer thing. as i write this, i’m staring at my bare legs shiny with sweat in the hot September sun on my rooftop.

for me, summertime is all about letting go. especially in august, when all rules go out the window. i eat whatever i want, whenever i want. i skip workouts like nobody’s business. i spend money like i have it. i host parties where i get to let loose with my friends and forget about work for awhile. my clients are on vacation and so am i.

it all ends at sundown tonight, and i’m sad to say goodbye to this unscheduled affair. but i’m really, really excited for so much this fall. even though it seems like i’ve been dormant on my blog and pretty quiet on social media, i’ve been hard at work behind the scenes working on a new business that will help my clients and friends more easily transition into motherhood. once we launch, i’ll shout from my virtual rooftop with all the details. there’s more, too, but i’m staying close-lipped for now.

in the meantime, sending sunny skies your way from this lazy, quiet, breezy, 90-degree, New York City paradise!

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