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Jan 11

Book it! Get outta dodge!

With weekly predictions of a major snowstorm, high winds and below-freezing temperatures, it’s challenging to plan outdoor workouts in advance. I love running in the park, walking around town or biking to-and-from my clients. But this weather makes it tough to stay in bikini shape! For that reason, my husband and I will focus on fitness during our winter… read more
Jan 09

January 9, 2011: Resolutions Strong?

Excuse: I’m not good enough.  I fail at everything I do.  Nothing works for me.
 It’s been 9 days and I haven’t lost a pound. SolutionStay positive and keep your eyes on the prize. Do not lose momentum. The first few weeks of any program are going to be the most difficult.  Did you put a picture of your ideal body on your fridge?  How’s… read more
Jan 08


Most of my guys despise cardiovascular exercise.  They’d rather hit the weights with a meathead workout than spend what seems like an eternity on the elliptical. Though aerobic exercise can be boring, it helps to keep the heart healthy and stave off heart disease, the leading cause of death in men. In fact, men suffer heart attacks on average ten years… read more
Jan 05

Flu Soup.

It’s flu season.  This year’s strain seems to be a lasting bug that sticks around for about 10 days or so, beginning with a sore throat and leading to itchy, watery eyes, sneezing, a pestering cough and runny nose.  My favorite cure, aside from several days spent lazing around at home, is my aromatic version of chicken soup.  You’ll… read more
Jan 03

Bag lunch

A dear friend of mine shared her resolution on Facebook.  She vows to set monthly resolutions instead of one big yearly resolution.  I love her idea for January:  not eat out for lunch all month. Not only will she save approximately $200, but she could potentially lose 5 pounds just by packing her own lunch each day! My advice?  Start preparing the week’s… read more
Jan 01

Stay on Track: GO!

Happy New Year, health nuts!  I have given a week’s worth of ways you can stick to your resolutions.  Refer back to them often.  Print them out and post them on your fridge.  Whatever it takes, form your new habits and go with it!   I am your resource for those discouraging days.  Reach out to me with questions, thoughts, concerns or inspiration:  … read more
Dec 30

Stay on Track Series: Workout Apps

Most of us have a smartphone of some kind:  iPhone, Driod, Blackberry and Treo, just to name a few.  My iPhone is an essential tool in my life:  I use it during every workout, during my training sessions with clients and for motivation when I just cannot seem to get going.  Below I’ll outline my favorite tools as well as some of the top fitness applications… read more
Dec 29

Stay on Track: Log It!

Since becoming a trainer, the best success stories I’ve seen are the clients who take control of their lives by tracking exercise and eating patterns.  By logging their fitness and nutrition, they are able to take a hard look at what is holding them back from their goals.  Today’s topic is all about maintaining a food and exercise log. THE FOOD LOG: … read more
Dec 28

Stay on Track: The Backup Plan

You’ve joined the gym.  You hung the inspirational photos up, bought the food, told your friends and planned out your month.  “I’m gonna do this,” you told yourself.  Inevitably, a circumstance presents itself and your plans go by the wayside.   Below are some examples of how life gets in the way: a family member gets sick… read more
Dec 27

Stay on Track: A Week-Long Series

Today begins a week-long series on my blog dedicated to staying on track.  By building a solid, fail-proof plan, we’ll find ways to keep your long-anticipated New Year’s Resolutions going throughout 2011.  Let’s concentrate on how to stay focused in the weeks and months ahead. VISUALIZE: Having constant little reminders throughout… read more