Sep 11

Judgment No More

I am a childless, married woman on the wrong side of 35. I’m also a Personal Trainer with a specialty in “bride to baby” fitness. My certifications allow me to anoint other trainers in pre and postnatal fitness, educate my clients on childbirth, coach my clients during their labor & delivery and advise them along their nutrition journey.… read more
Sep 10

8 Must-Haves for Fit-Minded Mamas

There are a gazillion gadgets on the market these days for new moms. In fact, the baby-care product market is predicted to reach $66.8 BILLION globally by 2017.  I’m willing to bet that women use MAYBE 40% of what they receive as gifts. It’s tough for expecting mothers to predict exactly what they’ll need once the new baby arrives. The biggest… read more
Sep 06

Forbidden Food & Drink

I always keep a snack in my training pack for my pregnant clients. Most of them are mindful that they need to eat every few hours to keep blood sugars level, but with pregnancy on the brain, sometimes my girls forget and end up mid-workout feeling queasy and zapped of energy. So it completely blows my mind when doctors and hospitals forbid laboring women from eating… read more
Aug 21

My Mom: The Athlete

According to my mom, fitness and exercise weren’t emphasized when she was my age. “I don’t think ‘fitness’ was a word back then,” she admitted to me – and exercise during pregnancy wasn’t discussed. Not because it was taboo, but because it was a largely unknown phenomenon. Pregnancy didn’t slow… read more
Jul 11

Motherhood or Not?

The United States’ birth rate has recently been on the decline. In fact, the only populace to see an increase in childbirth is the over-40 set. Some experts blame the recession. Others, a decline in immigration. No matter what these experts say, I don’t think it can be pinpointed to just one simple reason. Why? If you ask 100 childless women for… read more
Jul 09

Mom vs Mom

Has Kim Kardashian packed on too many pregnancy pounds? Has the royal princess simply swallowed a basketball? Who does pregnancy better? Is it fair to compare these totally different women’s pregnancies? After all, North West’s mom is curvalicious by nature and we all know she’ll be back on the red carpet rocking Versace in no time. As for… read more
Jun 24

Getting Sexy Back

I have never trained a new mother who didn’t yearn for her “old self” and talk dreamily of how she “used to look” before she became pregnant. Let’s face it: having babies can wreak havoc on a woman’s figure. But it doesn’t need to ruin her self-esteem or affect her confidence level! Some of my clients are in… read more
Jun 23

the 4th trimester

During NBC4 New York’s health & fitness expo at MetLife Stadium yesterday, I got the stage for 30 minutes after Eli Manning opened the ceremonies. (Man, he’s got a baby face, and SO nice!) It was a true honor to be there. My presentation focused on the “4 trimesters of fitness”. Obviously, exercise during pregnancy is a no-brainer.… read more
Apr 25


Spring! Best time of year award! Finally, after what seems like the longest winter on record, we can stow away the layers of fleece, gloom and fat. This spring brings goodness galore. As you can see, I have sprinkled pixie dust on my brand – thanks to JPD Studio, my website is sparkly-fresh. And, thanks to Snow Day Works, I have more than a book in the works: friends,… read more
Apr 02

Ode to Avocado

When we think of avocados, we usually think of “good fats” – those that increase levels of high-density lipoprotein (HDL) – the “good” fat that fights the “bad” fat. However, women planning to get pregnant (or already are, for that matter), take note: the avocado is an excellent source of folic acid – more folate per ounce than any other fruitread more