Jan 21

A Birthday Letter

My sister is 3 years and 3 months older than me. We have just enough of an age gap that kept us from being best of playmates as children and as we entered our teen years, our arguments ended in hair pulls and loud shouting matches. She taught me fierce independence and how to hold my ground. We bonded at the piano. My sister is a gifted pianist who can plunk any tune, no… read more
Dec 05

Holding Judgment

One of my very best friends called me with a familiar dilemma:  her current boyfriend wants to “see other people” but remain in their relationship and would she mind? The answer at the outset seems obvious: dump ‘im. Not so fast, there, Skippy! As always, these issues are complicated, emotional and sticky. Many times, we enter relationships… read more
Sep 29

Skinny, Rebranded

According to, well, almost every female-targeted publication out today, “strong is the new skinny.” Good stuff, right? Typically, this slogan is followed up with photos of the same scrawny women that we have been seeing since skinny was the new, well, skinny. I have skinny fatigue. What’s the deal with unattainable, boney frames being… read more
Sep 27

Just The Way I Am.

I did yoga for the first time in MONTHS today at a cute little studio on the Upper West Side. Since there were only 2 of us in the class, I happily figured it would be challenging: my body has been in DESPERATE NEED of a good, deep stretch. Just sitting there on that pink mat, my hips screamed and burned. Every twist, balance and pose took real sweaty effort to strike.… read more
Sep 11

Judgment No More

I am a childless, married woman on the wrong side of 35. I’m also a Personal Trainer with a specialty in “bride to baby” fitness. My certifications allow me to anoint other trainers in pre and postnatal fitness, educate my clients on childbirth, coach my clients during their labor & delivery and advise them along their nutrition journey.… read more
Sep 07

We can, and we SHOULD.

Overheard: “If men carried a child for 9 months, then gave birth, the US may have better maternity leave policy,” etc. etc. etc. YAWN. This is such a tired argument. Ladies: manipulation might help the next generation, but we are alive RIGHT NOW. Stop “suggesting”, “asking” and beating around the bush for what you want.… read more
Sep 05


Woody Allen’s film, “Midnight in Paris,” got me thinking: with it’s nostalgic theme of bygone eras and time travel, would I travel back in time if I could? If so, what era? When were times better than they are right now, at this moment? As a woman, I can’t think of a better time to be alive. I have an African-American husband, a… read more
Sep 04

A Man’s World?

Wow. This article is so shocking to me. I have a hard time comprehending any publication (no matter when it was published) that would promote domestic abuse and violence against any group of people. There still aren’t enough laws protecting women. Teddy points out that it’s a man’s world, but I believe bigots like these are a dying breed.… read more
Aug 18

Demand (and get) More!

Social media is a funny thing. On one hand, I want to stay in touch with long-lost relatives and friends – I love seeing photos and watching lives develop in front of my eyes. On the other hand, some of my “friends” possess really narrow-minded, downright offensive viewpoints and choose to share them loudly. It’s always so disappointing… read more