Feb 12

Help! Diastasis Recti!

After giving birth, it’s time to get back to the gym, bust a move and get that pre-pregnancy figure back STAT, right?  Let’s get sexy back!!!!!!! Welllll, not so fast there, speedy. Approximately 70% of new moms develop diastasis recti at some point in their third trimester. This common problem is the separation of the abdominal wall, specifically… read more
Feb 10

Say NO to Fitness Fads

Is your trainer/fitness teacher/coach certified? Can they back up the program you are on with scientific evidence? Or are they shooting in the dark and making the class “hard” for the sake of sweat? With all of these fad workouts springing up everywhere (and more on the horizon), it’s tough to weed out the fluff and tempting to try every single… read more
Nov 26

Finding Greener Grass

I’ve had a 10-year romance with NYC’s “sexiest gym.” When the city’s lights went out or my building’s hot water turned off, I fled into the trusty arms of Equinox for comfort. But lately, I’ve had less-than-sizzling feelings for the “hottest gym.” Perhaps it’s because my years-old routine… read more
Nov 10

No Time? NO Excuses!

Is your schedule JAMMED? Do you literally have just minutes a day to yourself? Is a trip to the gym out of the question for your schedule and wallet? This seems to be a running theme for women everywhere. In the last month, I’ve received inquiries from clients and fans about quick workouts that make a difference. Moms find time while the babies nap. Executives… read more
Nov 01

On it. Today.

After last night’s sugar binge, getting back on track today should be swift and wide-swept, especially if self-discipline and appetite control went out the window. Here’s how to hit that reset button: Begin the day by squeezing 1/2 lemon into a tall glass of room-temp water and gulp it down. Have a high-fiber, protein-rich breakfast. Examples… read more
Oct 31

Happy Halloween!

Growing up, my parents considered Halloween a “devil’s holiday” and off we’d go to church. I never went trick-or-treating and it was always a big let-down for me. Playing dress-up was one of my favorite games and what kid doesn’t love OODLES of candy? But I’m not mad – you can’t accuse my parents of bending… read more
Oct 22

Captain Obvious Says…

Captain Obvious says, “We are what we consistently do.” Lately, my consistent has been indulging a little too much in the kitchen and not enough strength training. And it shows. My backside is a bit more rotund, my abdominal muscles are hidden under a puffy, fleshy layer. Overall, I feel less svelt, which does not bode well with my emotional levels.… read more
Oct 18

Rock-Tober Fashion

With the days getting shorter and colder, it’s time to yank out all those layers and gear up for some brisk weather. If you’ve lost half of your winter wardrobe thanks to a recent move or mold, it’s time to stock up on a few of the newest trends. Or, if you’re like me, it’s always fun to add some new gear to the mix – a new top or thermal… read more
Oct 16

5 Reasons to start a Fitness Routine in the Fall

Have you been off your game for awhile? Have these last couple months been so busy that you haven’t “had the time” for fitness? If you don’t start now, then when? Fall is the PERFECT time of year to set new goals and begin a new fitness routine. In fact, here are 5 reasons to start a fitness routine RIGHT NOW: 1. Winter weight gain begins now:… read more
Oct 12

10-Minute Ways to Better Health

By now, most of us know that 30 minutes daily of moderate exercise is essential for good health. But not all of us has a solid 30-minute window to devote to ourselves. Studies show that breaking up those 30 minutes is just as effective. Below are 6, 10-minute ways to get those 30 minutes in, and all you need is your determination to get through! Workout 1: Calisthenicsread more