Jul 06

Hydrate that body!

It’s hot. I’ve been sweating. A lot. Sweat is secreted from glands located just beneath the skin’s surface. In order to cool the body, pores release fluid to the surface of the skin. Sweat is made up of water, sodium chloride, urea and a fatty substance secreted from the sebaceous glands which are found next to the sweat glands. Basically,… read more
Jul 03

I have a trainer, too

I have a trainer. I love my trainer.I need my trainer. You see, after a long week of directing others’ workouts, I find it hard to get creative enough to push myself. I like that I don’t have to think about what to do next, or how long my rest interval should be, because I KNOW that during the next hour, I do as I’m told.He pushes me harder than anyone… read more