Apr 20

Find Vigor

“Jenny, I can’t get rid of my cellulite/flappy arms/saggy butt/saddlebags/tummy pouch/love handles/bra fat/back fat/ cankles/double chin. I guess I’m stuck with it forever…woe is me.” Taking a defeatist approach to your body will get you nowhere. What worked in our 20’s doesn’t work so well as we age: our… read more
Apr 11

Female Strength: Q&A

I subscribe to an online training forum called Every now and then, there’s an article that just nails it and I simply cannot say it better myself. Read below the abbreviated article written by Melissa Hinkley of 1RM Performance entitled, “Top 10 Female Strength Training Questions (and Answers)”. The female body. Why is… read more
Apr 05

Hot Mama

How many times have you seen the photos of hollywood ladies just days or weeks after giving birth and it seems like they’re thinner and more fit than ever? For normal women, these unrealistic expectations to be red-carpet ready in no time during an already stressful time of life can be frustrating and worse. In the years that I’ve been training… read more
Mar 14

Spring Sprang (Sprung?)

Most people gain 5 pounds during the winter season, spending this time of year trying to shed the extra layer before beach season hits. But, if you’re like many this year, the weather was so favorable all season that you may have maintained or even dropped a size! Especially if you seized those countless opportunities when the weather was warm to get your… read more
Mar 11

Gym with a Purpose.

I see some crazy stuff in the gym. Every day. From dudes doing heavy pulldowns behind their necks to women texting on the inner thigh machines, and everyone else conference calling on the elliptical. Seriously. It makes me want to slap these people upside the head! First of all, if you have spent money on a gym membership, invest a little into learning proper form… read more
Mar 04

Keep Wearin' Those Jimmy Choo's!

I love wearing heels. They’re sexy, fun and stylish. Being a trainer, however, I have the luxury of sporting sneakers every day. The last time I wore heels for an extended period of time was during my wedding weekend. I rocked 4-inch heels to every single event, four days in a row. The pain was excruciatingly memorable…everything hurt from the bottoms… read more
Feb 28

Get on it.

The other day, I found myself making excuses for why I hadn’t hit a work deadline. “I just don’t have time. There simply aren’t enough hours in the day,” I heard myself saying. I knew it was lame when I was saying it, but there it was. In all it’s glory. I had become one of those people. “Make time,” my agent replied.… read more
Feb 22

Death by Workout.

Today, my trainer nailed me to the wall. I nearly died from minute after persistent minute of jump squats, bag punches, fist pushups, burpees, renegade rows and other extreme torture that he could think of. “Skoog,” he said, “we need to get you back to where you were before your wedding.” I held my tongue. Thinking back to those exhausting… read more
Feb 17

Go green

All day long, every day, I’m on the go. I pack snacks to keep myself sustained throughout the day, but have found that getting in enough servings of veggies is tough! Here are some strategies I use to sneak extra green vitamins in my foods: Add kale, spinach, celery or other greens to my juices or smoothies Eat a salad every day, dressing on the side Throw spinach… read more
Feb 09


I went to visit a dear client of mine in the Hospital last Monday evening after she gave birth to a healthy and beautiful baby boy. Even though she had given birth hours before, she was up walking around and feeling great! The baby seemed to be doing well, too, a sure sign that they’d be going home soon. During her very healthy pregnancy, my client exercised… read more