Feb 05

Fight Against Mediocrity. Win.

While waiting my turn to zipline across the dry desert Cabo canyon, I struck up a conversation with the super fit, confident, attractive 48-year-old in front of me. Her teeny tiny outfit exposed tanned, muscular legs, washboard stomach and zero-jiggle arms: I was sure she worked in the fitness world. With admiration and envy, I picked her brain: how had she… read more
Jan 12

Labor=Endurance Sport?

Can a woman actually train for a natural labor & delivery as if she were training for a sporting event or race? Think about it: Competitors train months in advance, planning out their pace, strategy and nutrition for each segment of the race. Most hit a proverbial “wall” somewhere in the second half of the race where their bodies begin to break… read more
Jan 03

Resolve this time. For free.

Happy new year, friends! If you resolved to lose weight this year, you’re definitely not alone. However, if you actually lose the weight and keep it off, you will most certainly be in the minority. Most people want to lose weight…that’s why it’s a $60-billion dollar industry and growing. But do you really need to spend thousands… read more
Dec 30

Keepin' it real

In this economy, many people have been forced to reinvent themselves and start a new career. Totally understandable, as many lucrative industries have disintegrated into thin air (wall street jobs) while others (like mine) are seeing a sharp increase in revenue. Huge consumers, like baby boomers, want to stay young and crave information in this regard. Our… read more
Dec 11


I get it: this month is insane. If you need excuses to live like a sloth, they’re in abundance. End-of-year deadlines mean late nights in the office. Obligatory holiday parties blow the calorie budget. Family gatherings add unnecessary stress. The holidays can be a hot mess on the waistline! Planning for success will take a bit of work, but maintaining… read more
Dec 05

Pop a Pill

My poppa had his knee replaced mid-October. His recovery has been remarkably fast: he went from lying in a hospital bed to walking unassisted in less than 2 weeks. During his physical therapy appointments, the experts marveled at his progress given that this man is 83 years young. If you know my dad, he doesn’t roll over and play dead: on the contrary, he’s… read more
Dec 04

My Park.

By the end of this year, New York will have played host to 50 million tourists…a record for the history books. Of those tourists, only 11.5 million will visit my beloved Central Park. [source] My first encounter with Central Park was as a tourist, and it was an unforgettable experience. To come to NYC and miss it would be a sin! I don’t know how I’d… read more
Nov 22


Since mid-October, I have been inundated with work, both personally and professionally…and on top of it all, I got a puppy. She has brought so much love and joy to our home and has given me hundreds of reasons to smile. Finding time for myself sure has been a struggle (i.e. gym time, making meals, etc.) but somehow I haven’t missed one workout and have… read more
Nov 04

A little courage goes a long way.

Remember those T-Shirts with big red scary letters that spelled, “No Fear” in the early 90’s? They came about in the age of dangerous and extreme sports like pro skateboarding, dirtbike riding and skydiving. This call to face death directly in the face, even embrace it, is so typical of teenage angst. Every generation has it’s call… read more
Oct 20

Wedding Tracker: Before & After

A picture is worth a thousand words. Here are 6 that speak for themselves.… read more