Oct 19

I sat.

I served Jury Duty on Monday and Tuesday this week. I realize it’s my civic duty, but with the Gilt City launch and October being one of the busiest months of the year for me, the timing couldn’t have been worse (is the timing ever good?). I proved to be a bad juror and was excused with a slip of paper freeing me for 6 years. Whew. Even though I spent my lunch… read more
Oct 17

I'm famous!

I’m on…Check out my deal┬ájust launched today! A reminder: my prenatal seminar is in one week from today in Manhattan!… read more
Oct 11

The Wrong Guy.

More often than I’d like to admit, I witness a trainer doing definite harm to their client. Yes, we all have done strange exercises with our clients and not really known why we’re doing it and all seemed fine at the time, no harm done. But the longer we’re in this business, hopefully we grow and learn along the way. Some of us don’t. I have… read more
Oct 10

Wedding Tracker: Finally!

  As you can see from the photos, Kaylin’s girlfriends threw quite the bachelorette party weekend complete with a sailor and pin-up theme!! They even took her to a polo match complete with the whole dress/big hat thing. We all need friends like that! And now, my friends… After nine months of stress, hard work and dedication, Kaylin’s… read more
Oct 09

Morningside Madness!

I was training a client some weeks ago in Central Park when the zen of our session was rudely interrupted. A stereotypical drill sergeant in fatigues and combat boots was hollering at the top of his lungs at a meek and sheepish foursome of middle-aged women. I think we were all in shock, as the carrying-on seemed out of context. I’m not quite that sure these… read more
Oct 05

Prepare & Plan

Sometimes pregnancies “just happen.” But if you’re able to plan out the “when” part, having a strong body may make all the difference in a healthy pregnancy. Research has shown, time and again, that exercise during pregnancy is beneficial for both mom and baby long after birth. ACOG states that pregnant women can and should… read more
Oct 01

Knee pain? Workout!

After a doctor’s visit, my client (who has been suffering from knee pain for the past month) was diagnosed with bursitis and instructed to avoid lower-body workouts aside from walking for 2 weeks. Since exercise is a part of her daily and weekly routine, she’s going a little stir-crazy as you might imagine: she’s missing out on that daily… read more
Sep 30

Pregnant at 56: the new normal?

When I picked up this week’s NY magazine from my mailbox, I was taken aback by it’s cover. On it, a grey-haired woman your mother’s age proudly holds her ever-growing baby bump. The featured article, written by Lisa Miller entitled, “Is She Just Too Old For This?” sheds light on a growing trend in the Western world’s obsession… read more
Sep 27

Wedding Tracker Checklist.

Kaylin’s to-do list gets longer while sand in the hourglass continues to pour out. Her birthday passed without fanfare (“birthday, schmirthday: I’m planning a wedding”) and she’s come down with the sniffles. What timing. Even though she’s maintained her major weight loss, Kaylin continues to hit it hard week in,… read more
Sep 25

Feel the Floor.

Does it matter what footwear you put on for a run? How about for circuit training in the gym or a yoga class? I kickbox, run, bike, practice yoga, strength train, work agility/speed drills and am on my feet for the majority of my day. If I wear my expensive running sneakers to a 10-hour workday, my calves and low back will be burning by the time I get home: with all that… read more