Sep 18

Get busy now!

Lucille Ball once said, “If you want something done, ask a busy person to do it. The more things you do, the more you can do.” In other words, an object in motion stays in motion. Getting into the habit of working out takes a few adjustments in anyone’s daily routine, like waking up an hour earlier or going to the gym on lunch. After a few tired afternoons,… read more
Sep 05

The Root of the Problem.

After losing his father in 2004, Sam, a 29-year-old single man, moved in with his aging mother to care for her. Over the next few years, his mother’s health deteriorated and he turned to food for solace. In seven years, Sam gained 120 pounds, developed metabolic syndrome, high blood pressure and depression. His doctor prescribed anti-depressants, blood… read more
Aug 15

Pump some iron.

This one’s for my cardio-addicts who shirk the weight room. Did you know: Each pound of muscle burns approximately 50 calories a day. Each pound of fat burns approximately 2 calories a day. Fat takes up at least 3 times the volume of muscle (that’s why a woman with little muscle who weighs 120 pounds looks worse than a muscular woman who weighs 140… read more
Aug 10


Every day I get asked fitness-related questions…some easy to answer, some a bit more complicated. I will try to answer this one as simply as I can: Q: I’m starting to get workout burnout and it is making me MAD! I’ve been having so much fun running, biking,’s not so fun to get out the door anymore. Am I overtraining? Is it… read more
Aug 06

Recession-proof your fitness.

With these economic woes, fitness usually takes an unnecessary back burner. Sometimes, the last thing we think about is our health, and we pay for the consequences later (obesity-related illnesses like diabetes, depression and cancer). Making fitness a priority can be difficult on the pocketbook (for now, until reality bites), but it doesn’t have… read more
Aug 02

Etiquette 101

Do you reschedule your gym visit in order to avoid listening to the loud grunter? Have you ever hopped on a machine, only to be thwarted by someone who is ‘using that’ piece of equipment (even though they clearly weren’t on it)? How about the guy next to you who carelessly (and very loudly) drops his 110-pound dumbbells on the floor (barely missing… read more
Jul 28

She flies through the air with the greatest of ease!

I spent last summer in wedding-planning purgatory: obsessing about seating charts, money and flowers. While it was satisfying at the time, I was stressed out. For me, summer is a time to take a deep breath and relax a little. This summer, my husband and I are trying new things: we’ve booked golf lessons, whitewater rafting, hiking in Utah and, naturally,… read more
Jul 19

Yeah, It's Hot. So?

So, it’s a sauna out there.  Everywhere.  The subway, the park, the gym…shoot, even my taxi’s a/c was broken this morning.  And all across the country, I hear! Too bad the heat is no excuse to fall off your healthy lifestyle regime.  You see, there are many ways to either include the heat into your program, or beat it altogether.  … read more
Jul 13

Play safe, friends.

Last week, during a hot and sweaty 6-mile run in Central Park, a very tall man brushed past me, nearly knocking me over. Annoyed, I assessed whether I should say something but kept my mutterings to myself, hoping my evil eye would burn a hole in the back of his sweaty, blonde head. Not more than 30 seconds later, he physically and verbally accosted a woman half my size,… read more
Jul 08

A corporate solution.

Yesterday’s blog post has been weighing heavily on my mind (pun intended).  With obesity on the rise and much of our workforce in a seated position for 12+ hours a day (commute, work, TV watching), it has become imperative that companies, both large and small, take note and make critical changes to improve lives of their workers. According to the US… read more