Goal Setting

Oct 30

Halloween Survival Guide

One of the most fun but least waistline-friendly holidays is upon us: Halloween. No matter how good you’ve been with your diet this fall, I know firsthand how difficult it can be saying ‘no’ to bite-sized Butterfingers, candy corn and Pixie Stix. After all, I worked in the corporate world with colleagues who had children for EIGHT YEARS and… read more
Oct 16

5 Reasons to start a Fitness Routine in the Fall

Have you been off your game for awhile? Have these last couple months been so busy that you haven’t “had the time” for fitness? If you don’t start now, then when? Fall is the PERFECT time of year to set new goals and begin a new fitness routine. In fact, here are 5 reasons to start a fitness routine RIGHT NOW: 1. Winter weight gain begins now:… read more
Oct 12

10-Minute Ways to Better Health

By now, most of us know that 30 minutes daily of moderate exercise is essential for good health. But not all of us has a solid 30-minute window to devote to ourselves. Studies show that breaking up those 30 minutes is just as effective. Below are 6, 10-minute ways to get those 30 minutes in, and all you need is your determination to get through! Workout 1: Calisthenicsread more
Oct 06

Fitness Freedom

For the last 10 years, my fitness has been institutionalized, in turn imprisoning me in some ways.  Every single week since moving to NYC, I have done at least one workout at Equinox, my home away from home. In fact, I loved it so much, I got a job there for nearly 4 of those years! But, after a transitional summer, I’m ready for a serious shake-up. So as of November… read more
Oct 04

The Mental Game

This has been a particularly busy week. In addition to managing my business (both physically training clients and behind-the-scenes in my office), I began studying a certification course through Arizona State University led by Gloria Feldt – the topic is Women’s Leadership – a subject very near and dear to my heart and so perfectly timed… read more
Sep 30


I’m going rogue. The Spartan Race that Team Skoogfit did earlier this month set me right and gave new inspiration for my fitness game. I’ve added running back into my weekly program (1 interval session, 1 distance run) and am back to twice weekly yoga sessions. Today, I canceled my gym membership (sorry, Equinox, it’s been TEN years and we’ve… read more
Sep 26

Bridal Balance

Many of my bride-clients are getting married for the specific purpose of starting families. Most of these women are in their mid-30’s and pop prenatal vitamins like candy in hopes for a honeymoon baby. But are the stresses of planning a wedding combined with losing a ton of weight and weekly parties counterproductive to baby making? After all, a healthy… read more
Sep 25

Design Your Own Fitness Plan!

“Skoog, why don’t you teach group fitness classes?” “Hey Jen, you should do a workout video!” “Yo, me and my friends wanna workout together. Can you send us a program?” There are many reasons why I don’t have a one-size-fits-all approach to fitness.  Just like the world is made up of very unique and diverse… read more
Sep 24

Move It or Lose It

Recently, a friend of mine revealed to me that her husband sneaks a couple cigarettes before bed, even though he had promised never to smoke during their marriage. It’s been 10 years. Another friend laments about her sloth-like husband: he eats copious amounts of disgusting food followed by hours in front of the television. “He hates exercising,”… read more
Sep 23

2 busy 2 bother

At my mom’s 80th birthday party yesterday in rural Minnesota, those of us visiting outside were either stung by frantic bees or ran for the hills to avoid a sting (me). This September, I feel like a frantic autumn bee. With SO much on my calendar, I’m finding it difficult to follow my own advice of consistency and goal-setting. In fact, every September,… read more