Nov 24

A letter to my Dad

I live more than a thousand miles away from my pop but we might not have been this close had I not moved away. I guess distance does make the heart grow. Dad and I communicate via email through my mom and shout at each other on the phone (his hearing is dwindling). I send him books for Christmas, cookies on his birthday and New Balance running sneaks for Father’s… read more
Feb 18

It’s not about you.

In the last few weeks since the Biggest Loser finale (in which Rachel Frederickson loses 155 pounds in 7 months), clients and friends have asked me to weigh in. “Did she go too far? Do you think she’s too skinny now? Is she anorexic?” I don’t watch the show. In fact, I had to do a bit of research to get the facts on this one. My opinion is this:… read more
Feb 12

Help! Diastasis Recti!

After giving birth, it’s time to get back to the gym, bust a move and get that pre-pregnancy figure back STAT, right?  Let’s get sexy back!!!!!!! Welllll, not so fast there, speedy. Approximately 70% of new moms develop diastasis recti at some point in their third trimester. This common problem is the separation of the abdominal wall, specifically… read more
Feb 10

Say NO to Fitness Fads

Is your trainer/fitness teacher/coach certified? Can they back up the program you are on with scientific evidence? Or are they shooting in the dark and making the class “hard” for the sake of sweat? With all of these fad workouts springing up everywhere (and more on the horizon), it’s tough to weed out the fluff and tempting to try every single… read more
Feb 08

Candy Hearts No More

Brace yourself: I’m a recovering sugar addict. Well, mostly in the beginning of the year, but any unseasonal jelly bean would have sufficed. Going to CVS or Target after Christmas was a test of willpower that I failed miserably most of the time. After I got engaged, I desperately wanted to change my ways. But as Valentine’s Day approached, I felt… read more
Jan 21

A Birthday Letter

My sister is 3 years and 3 months older than me. We have just enough of an age gap that kept us from being best of playmates as children and as we entered our teen years, our arguments ended in hair pulls and loud shouting matches. She taught me fierce independence and how to hold my ground. We bonded at the piano. My sister is a gifted pianist who can plunk any tune, no… read more
Nov 22

Surviving A Food Desert

Gross. We’ve all had un-memorable meals at America’s chain restaurants and certainly, all meals are not created equal. When you find yourself in a healthy food desert, here are the best and worst decisions you can make – I chose just 10 food establishments in this country as an example of how wrong or right you can get! 1. Dunkin’ Donuts:… read more
Nov 20

Countdown to T-Day: Gracious Guesting

Hosting is my thing. Having friends over is my way of sharing love and affection. Not only do I pour my heart and soul into my cooking, but I get to choose the menu, the guestlist and get to stay home! It’s perfection. Though, GOING to dinner parties is just as fun: Simply show up and enjoy yourself. Sometimes, however, being a dinner guest can be somewhat awkward,… read more
Nov 18

Peer Pressure Doesn’t Die

Peer pressure and social norms are powerful influences on behavior and they are classic excuses. -Andrew Lansley I love to cook and Stanley loves to eat. Well, we both do. If he brings home a sweet treat, you can bet it calls my name in the cupboards until I cave in. We don’t buy many treats…after all, we’re trainers with a passion for what we do.… read more
Nov 15

Happy Birthday, Poppers!

Today is my dad’s 86th birthday. For as long as I can remember, Poppers has always been a steadfast rock in my life. He’s raised 9 of us with hard work and discipline and in his retirement years, my dad makes things with his bare hands: things like rocking chairs, wooden mirrors, benches, desks and cribs. (My office is furnished with his handiwork.)… read more