Dec 01

Losing the Baby Weight


For many women, pregnancy is a time to “eat anything” because cravings must mean that “the baby needs it.” This attitude has led many tearful women to my doorstep after childbirth in search of quick, magic weight loss. Unfortunately, every extra pound gained during pregnancy is a pound that new moms will have to work…

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Nov 24

A letter to my Dad

I live more than a thousand miles away from my pop but we might not have been this close had I not moved away. I guess distance does make the heart grow.
Dad and I communicate via email through my mom and shout at each other on the phone (his hearing is dwindling). I send him books for Christmas, cookies on his birthday and New Balance running sneaks for Father’s…

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Mar 20

Part 2: Getting Sexy Back

Getting your body back after childbirth can be a daunting task, especially if you’ve experienced a tough labor and delivery. Many women wonder where to even start. After properly stretching and lengthening tight muscles (featured in yesterday’s post) I recommend performing the following strength exercises 2-3 times per week.
1. Seated 1-arm…

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Feb 10

Say NO to Fitness Fads

Is your trainer/fitness teacher/coach certified? Can they back up the program you are on with scientific evidence? Or are they shooting in the dark and making the class “hard” for the sake of sweat?
With all of these fad workouts springing up everywhere (and more on the horizon), it’s tough to weed out the fluff and tempting to try every single…

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Nov 29


Aah, Black Friday. Mass consumerism at it’s, ahem, best. I avoid it like, well, the “black plague.” But while you’re out and about (and I’m home hacking up a lung from this lingering flu bug) allow me to play armchair quarterback to your shopping habits.
I say, why not shop with a fitness theme this year? Here are plenty of ideas…

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Nov 27

T-Day Contest: WIN a FREE Training Session!

As a token of my thanks for YOUR support this Thanksgiving Eve, I’m giving away a free t-shirt and training session (total value $165)! Read on:
Do you want to WIN a FREE t-shirt and session with Skoogfit? Here’s how:…

As you sit down to eat your meal, take a picture of your plated food
Post it on one of my social media outlets

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Nov 26

Finding Greener Grass

I’ve had a 10-year romance with NYC’s “sexiest gym.” When the city’s lights went out or my building’s hot water turned off, I fled into the trusty arms of Equinox for comfort. But lately, I’ve had less-than-sizzling feelings for the “hottest gym.” Perhaps it’s because my years-old routine…

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Nov 21

The Hannah Project

…I’m not Jenny Skoog…
I’m Hannah. Jenny and I are working together these days on some really fun projects for Skoogfit. As a 20-year-old Columbia University student, I struggle with all kinds of body image issues on top of my high-stress New York City life. You see, I have a family history of heart disease, obesity, cholesterol, you-name-it.…

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Nov 10

No Time? NO Excuses!

Is your schedule JAMMED? Do you literally have just minutes a day to yourself? Is a trip to the gym out of the question for your schedule and wallet?
This seems to be a running theme for women everywhere. In the last month, I’ve received inquiries from clients and fans about quick workouts that make a difference. Moms find time while the babies nap. Executives…

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Nov 06

A Strong Core

How soon can you begin getting your core back post-partum? What exercises are safe and what are off-limits in the first few weeks after giving birth? Is all exercise unsafe until my doctor gives me the ‘ok’?
If you’ve had a normal vaginal delivery, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) gives the OK to exercise as soon …

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