Jun 24

Getting Sexy Back

I have never trained a new mother who didn’t yearn for her “old self” and talk dreamily of how she “used to look” before she became pregnant. Let’s face it: having babies can wreak havoc on a woman’s figure. But it doesn’t need to ruin her self-esteem or affect her confidence level! Some of my clients are in… read more
Apr 25


Spring! Best time of year award! Finally, after what seems like the longest winter on record, we can stow away the layers of fleece, gloom and fat. This spring brings goodness galore. As you can see, I have sprinkled pixie dust on my brand – thanks to JPD Studio, my website is sparkly-fresh. And, thanks to Snow Day Works, I have more than a book in the works: friends,… read more
Apr 25

Nutritionist. Check.

Over this long and drawn-out winter, I studied for (and passed) a nutrition certification with Precision Nutrition. What I learned is that nutrition is like an iceberg: we think we know it all until we look just below the surface and realize there is an insurmountable amount of information than we ever imagined. I am humbled. I see that my journey has just begun,… read more
Oct 03

Are you SAD?

This morning, I woke up, ate breakfast, caught up on social media, fed the dog, hailed a cab & began training my first client all before the sun rose in the eastern sky. When I go home tonight, the sun will have set in the west. I think my client said it best: “The leaves are falling and so is my serotonin.”… read more
Oct 02

Go Get It!

Last Friday, my client rescheduled her early morning workout for the afternoon. She said that she’d be out late Thursday and would be too hung-over and tired to make our session. As luck would have it, Friday afternoon’s workout never happened: one excuse led to the next and she missed out on an opportunity to take another step towards her weight-loss… read more
Sep 23

The Bangles Had A Point!

I wish it was Sunday ‘Cause that’s my funday My I don’t have to runday -“Manic Monday” The Bangles… read more