Jul 15

Food + me = love.

I love to eat.I have no problem eating clean, whole & organic foods…in fact, oatmeal, walnuts, avocados, spinach, berries and tofu are some of my favorite foods.The issue for me is timing. If I don’t eat every 3-4 hours, cravings set in and I blow my diet…becoming dizzy with hunger. At that point, cheesy flavored pop chips, jelly beans… read more
Jul 14

The stink.

*sneeze*Who wears perfume to the gym?!If my trainer wore cologne, I’d have to stop training with him. Seriously. My nostrils start to hurt after awhile! I have a huge nose. And it works. I can smell if someone has doggy-doo on the bottom of their shoe from across the gym.I have actually turned down a client because he stunk so terribly. Like an old ham &… read more
Jul 13


I KNEW there was some correlation to sleep deprivation and weight gain!!!Every time I have trouble catching my ZZZ’s, I’m ravenous! My nutritionist, Samantha Lynch, blogged about this very subject and I want to share it with you: Underestimating Sleep It is a thrill to live in the city that never sleeps! Between non-stop entertainment, balancing… read more