Apr 25

Nutritionist. Check.

Over this long and drawn-out winter, I studied for (and passed) a nutrition certification with Precision Nutrition. What I learned is that nutrition is like an iceberg: we think we know it all until we look just below the surface and realize there is an insurmountable amount of information than we ever imagined. I am humbled. I see that my journey has just begun,… read more
Apr 02

Ode to Avocado

When we think of avocados, we usually think of “good fats” – those that increase levels of high-density lipoprotein (HDL) – the “good” fat that fights the “bad” fat. However, women planning to get pregnant (or already are, for that matter), take note: the avocado is an excellent source of folic acid – more folate per ounce than any other fruitread more
Oct 30

Tootsie Roll Invasion

In all this Hurricane Sandy madness, I nearly forgot that Halloween is tomorrow! For fellow East Coasters, this year’s festivities will be largely forgotten — the cleanup efforts will trump any sweet temptation. But for my friends elsewhere, trick-or-treating will be in full swing. And that’s where the winter-weight gain begins.… read more
Jun 13

Dinner tonight!

One of our staple restaurants is a farm-to-table, organic & local neighborhood spot. I try to order something different when I go, but my palate sucks me right back into the same thing, time after time. Last weekend, my husband and I went upstate to visit dear friends. Guess what they made for lunch? Another version of my favorite restaurant dish! For dinner… read more
May 25

Make it Memorable.

Aside from July 4th weekend, Memorial Day weekend is the great American barbecue extravaganza. Before going all-out this weekend, plan a little health into yours. If you’re hosting: Substitute hi-calorie beef with meaty fish chunks, like tuna, swordfish, salmon or halibut Soft-shell crab is in season! Marinate in lemon & olive oil, then grill… read more
May 24


According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, nearly half of all Americans will be obese by 2030. In other words, if you are pregnant right now, your future 18-year-old child has a nearly 50% chance that he/she will be obese. Yikes. We need to act now. As individuals. As parents, peer mentors and community leaders. Our lives are made up of small choices that… read more
May 20

Don't buy it!

I’m a Sunday NYTimes junkie. Today, a one-sentence book review of Karen Le Billon’s “French Kids Eat Everything“, read: Why you shouldn’t cater to your kids’ taste in food but rather let them rise to your level. My sentiments, exactly. As a pre-and-postnatal fitness guru, my clientele is chock-full of mothers. Most… read more
May 02


It’s wedding season! Most brides-to-be want to look fit and fantastic on their wedding day, but some go about it in curious ways. From juice fasts, feeding tubes, crash diets and overtraining stress fractures, getting there can be a traumatic journey. It doesn’t have to be. With a bit of foresight and planning, the weeks leading up to your special… read more
Apr 16

Fastest Weight Loss…Ever.

An article in today’s Styles section of the NYTimes entitled, “Bridal Hunger Games” has me deeply troubled. In it, a woman forgoes shopping for a new dress in lieu of wearing her grandmother’s teeny tiny wedding dress. The problem is, she’ll have to lose 34 pounds for it to fit. Instead of exercising and cleaning up her diet,… read more
Apr 05

Hot Mama

How many times have you seen the photos of hollywood ladies just days or weeks after giving birth and it seems like they’re thinner and more fit than ever? For normal women, these unrealistic expectations to be red-carpet ready in no time during an already stressful time of life can be frustrating and worse. In the years that I’ve been training… read more