Mar 21

What I Eat.

As a trainer, people want to know what I eat. Everyone has a different palate, but I have found that, like in my workouts, the more back-to-basics I eat, the better my body responds. I know plenty of people who keep chocolate, cookies or ice cream in their cupboards, but I know myself: I can’t be trusted not to binge! I honestly never buy that type of stuff (can… read more
Mar 19

To Florida, with love

My husband and I just arrived home after a sunny weekend in Florida. The Pine Island Civic Association’s Exercise Group invited us down to lead seminars that included proper exercise techniques, correcting muscle imbalances, healthy eating tips, a fun 3.5-mile walk/jog, exercise classes and so much more. I’m not quite sure what we expected… read more
Mar 05

Burger & Fries, please!

I’ve been craving a juicy burger lately, but I hate that post-indulgence feeling of bloat and regret. I share with you my yummy low-cal version of burger and fries. What you’ll need: 3 whole sweet potatoes drizzle olive oil salt&pepper 1lb ground chicken breast 1TBSP Worcestershire sauce dried garlic & onion powder nonstick spray wholewheat… read more
Dec 18

Party Detox

Although moderation in all things is wise, ’tis the season to overindulge. From holiday party hors d’oeuvres to celebratory dinners and naughty sweets, it’s difficult to resist temptation. If you find yourself in a waistline predicament, there are a few remedies that might work to offset your dirty ways. Substitute coffee with green read more
Nov 30

Fire on all cylinders

A new client of mine hired me, desperate to lose 10 pounds ASAP. Furthermore, she needed to know what the best diet program would be to get her there pronto: would it be Jenny Craig, NutriSystem, Weight Watchers or Blueprint Cleanse? In our instant-gratification world, patience has been all but lost on us. We look for the cheapest, easiest and quickest route to… read more
Nov 23

Change starts with YOU.

If you want to look like everyone else, do the same things as they’re doing: eat whatever you want whenever you want it, read the paper at the gym instead of doing actual work and stay in your comfort zone. Get cozy. Bask in the comforts of sloth-like behavior. However, if you’re looking to make a drastic change to your body, you’re going to have… read more
Nov 11

Winter Weight No More.

Brrr. I can’t warm up. The annual pilgrimage to the refrigerator has begun. How many pounds do you gain every winter? 3? 5? 10? Friends, break the cycle. Stop the madness. Vow to be different this year and take action. Yes, it’s cold outside, but that’s no excuse to stay indoors. Buy some warm gear and continue your summertime fitness routine.… read more
Nov 03


Always in my freezer Fish (salmon, mahi mahi, tuna) Berries (Blueberries and mixed) Veggies (broccoli, peas, asparagus, artichokes) Chocolate covered bananas (Diana’s Bananas) Chicken fingers (gluten free by Bell & Evans) Organic/grass fed meat Always in my fridge: Organic eggs Whole and almond milk Full-fat organic raw-milk cheese Yogurt… read more
Oct 23

Like soda-pop? Stop.

A colleague of mine was en route to a doctor appointment when she witnessed her physician smoking a cigarette on the street corner. Weeks after the appointment, she found a new doc. I fully support her decision: as a wellness leader, I believe that we have an obligation to not only lead by example, but practice what we preach even when nobody is watching. Unfortunately,… read more
Oct 19

I sat.

I served Jury Duty on Monday and Tuesday this week. I realize it’s my civic duty, but with the Gilt City launch and October being one of the busiest months of the year for me, the timing couldn’t have been worse (is the timing ever good?). I proved to be a bad juror and was excused with a slip of paper freeing me for 6 years. Whew. Even though I spent my lunch… read more