Oct 17

I'm famous!

I’m on…Check out my deal just launched today! A reminder: my prenatal seminar is in one week from today in Manhattan!… read more
Sep 25

Feel the Floor.

Does it matter what footwear you put on for a run? How about for circuit training in the gym or a yoga class? I kickbox, run, bike, practice yoga, strength train, work agility/speed drills and am on my feet for the majority of my day. If I wear my expensive running sneakers to a 10-hour workday, my calves and low back will be burning by the time I get home: with all that… read more
Sep 05

The Root of the Problem.

After losing his father in 2004, Sam, a 29-year-old single man, moved in with his aging mother to care for her. Over the next few years, his mother’s health deteriorated and he turned to food for solace. In seven years, Sam gained 120 pounds, developed metabolic syndrome, high blood pressure and depression. His doctor prescribed anti-depressants, blood… read more
Aug 18

Southwestern Cookin'

I’m a huge fan of southwestern foods: ripe, creamy avocados, sweet fruits like mango, pineapple and papaya, mouthwatering chile peppers, roasted corn on the cob, fresh-made salsas, meats and fish that are spice-rubbed in a mouth-tingling finish…don’t forget skinny-girl margaritas! Yum. Skoog’s Seared Tuna with Black Bean-Mangoread more
Aug 10


Every day I get asked fitness-related questions…some easy to answer, some a bit more complicated. I will try to answer this one as simply as I can: Q: I’m starting to get workout burnout and it is making me MAD! I’ve been having so much fun running, biking,’s not so fun to get out the door anymore. Am I overtraining? Is it… read more
Aug 02

Etiquette 101

Do you reschedule your gym visit in order to avoid listening to the loud grunter? Have you ever hopped on a machine, only to be thwarted by someone who is ‘using that’ piece of equipment (even though they clearly weren’t on it)? How about the guy next to you who carelessly (and very loudly) drops his 110-pound dumbbells on the floor (barely missing… read more
Jul 14

Pucker up!

In an effort to thwart my summer eating free-for-all (lots of carcinogens from the BBQ, sugary mango sorbet and an extra glass of wine), I wanted to ‘clean up my act’ without doing one of those metabolism-killer juice cleanses. Also not a huge fan of any hardcore fast in general, as I believe the body has an incredible way of cleaning itself out without… read more
Jul 08

A corporate solution.

Yesterday’s blog post has been weighing heavily on my mind (pun intended).  With obesity on the rise and much of our workforce in a seated position for 12+ hours a day (commute, work, TV watching), it has become imperative that companies, both large and small, take note and make critical changes to improve lives of their workers. According to the US… read more
Jul 07

I'm ashamed, America! No more excuses!

I just read the most disturbing article. According to an annual report entitled, “F as in Fat,” from the Trust for America’s Health and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, only one state in the U.S. has an obesity rate of less than 20%: Colorado (19.8%). So one in every five is obese…and it’s our THINNEST STATE!  On the other… read more
Jun 25

Vitamin Z Deficiency

According to the National Sleep Foundation, 40 million Americans suffer from sleep disorders.  I believe it.  There are at least several dozen sleep disorders out there (sleep apnea restless leg syndrome, insomnia, stress), most of which can be prevented with regular, consistent exercise and cleaning up a few bad habits. Back in the day, manual labor… read more