Pushing It

Aug 05

What a year!

Whew! In the past year, I’ve been on quite the ride: NBC’s COZI TV picked up my reality show, “Pushing It” – a dramedy that follows 3 of my real-life New York City clients through different stages of motherhood. What fun we had! (If you missed an episode, check here.) Filming lasted from October to January, and was all-consuming,… read more
Jul 11

Motherhood or Not?

The United States’ birth rate has recently been on the decline. In fact, the only populace to see an increase in childbirth is the over-40 set. Some experts blame the recession. Others, a decline in immigration. No matter what these experts say, I don’t think it can be pinpointed to just one simple reason.¬†Why? If you ask 100 childless women for… read more
May 30

Best Time of Life

Ever since I was a little girl, I dreamed of the bright lights and big city. Now and then, I look up at the buildings or gaze across the harbor at Lady Liberty and get a dreamy smile on my face. I didn’t know that someday I’d exceed my expectations and surpass my dreams. I am proof, that by reaching higher, dreaming bigger and refusing to settle for mediocrity,… read more
May 25

Back to Basics

Whether I’m working, sleeping or out to dinner, if my mom calls, I answer. Because you never know. Because even though I’m 36 years old, I’m still someone’s baby. Because I still seek my parents’ advice and approval and always will. So when she called during a training session in Central Park, I excused myself and answered. Imagine… read more