The Fit Traveler

Jan 31

Love from Cabo.

[slideshow]Work has been all-consuming since October and I have had a terrible time finding a few minutes to write my blog postings. But, after an entire week’s vacation in beautiful Cabo San Lucas with my trainer, his girlfriend and my husband, I’m back and making a few changes to my calendar to fit all my musings in. This was the first trip I… read more
Dec 04

My Park.

By the end of this year, New York will have played host to 50 million tourists…a record for the history books. Of those tourists, only 11.5 million will visit my beloved Central Park. [source] My first encounter with Central Park was as a tourist, and it was an unforgettable experience. To come to NYC and miss it would be a sin! I don’t know how I’d… read more
Aug 19

Southwest revisited

For the first time in many years, my husband and I won’t be making the annual pilgrimage to the Minnesota State Fair for our once-yearly donuts, fried snickers bars and weird-food-on-a-stick (plus that horrible ride Stanley made me go on). Instead, we’ve booked a roadtrip in the Southwest U.S., to places like Phoenix, Prescott Valley (to visit… read more
Jun 10

Into the country…into the wild.

Travel can wreak havoc on anyone’s diet and exercise program.  I flew to Minnesota yesterday with the best of intentions to stay on-track despite family gatherings, work events and play-dates with friends.  First off, getting to the airport, going through the hour-long security line and resisting crappy airport food is an experience on it’s… read more
Apr 12

'tis the season for bikes!

I spent most of the past week in my home-state of Minnesota.  For several years, the city of Minneapolis has been amping up their bicycle trails, putting them in the number one spot for bicycle enthusiasts around the country.  In the dead of winter, during brutal stormy conditions, die-hard bikers commute distances further than 20 miles to work. I’m… read more
Mar 01

TSA-Proof Snacks

These days, liquid restrictions for air travel can be annoying, to say the very least!  And the ‘liquid’ definition gets a little murky when it comes to food.  Between our wedding and honeymoon, we had a difficult time deciding on what to pack in the suitcase and what to carry on.  A dear aunt lovingly made jam for my new husband and I as a send-off… read more
Jan 11

Book it! Get outta dodge!

With weekly predictions of a major snowstorm, high winds and below-freezing temperatures, it’s challenging to plan outdoor workouts in advance. I love running in the park, walking around town or biking to-and-from my clients. But this weather makes it tough to stay in bikini shape! For that reason, my husband and I will focus on fitness during our winter… read more
Dec 28

Stay on Track: The Backup Plan

You’ve joined the gym.  You hung the inspirational photos up, bought the food, told your friends and planned out your month.  “I’m gonna do this,” you told yourself.  Inevitably, a circumstance presents itself and your plans go by the wayside.   Below are some examples of how life gets in the way: a family member gets sick… read more
Dec 13

What a treat!

So much of what I write about these days is about holding back, practicing restraint and staying motivated.  But every now and then I do indulge, and when I do, I plan for it.  By consistently eating a balanced diet, exercising and getting proper rest, I earn the occasional free-for-all and enjoy every last bite!  I don’t worry about gaining an ounce… read more
Jul 05

Staying fit 'on the road'

Time and again I hear the same excuse: “I travel so much for work so I don’t have time to exercise.” I have been traveling nonstop this spring and summer and I have found countless ways to stay fit and focused. I’ll share my shortcuts and secrets: Pack some light reminders: flattering gym clothes (so you look good doing it), running shoes… read more