Oct 28


Throwing your own Halloween Party can be pretty daunting…but amazing fun. Trust me, I nearly went insane. I could have used some of your kids to help me prepare! So just for you, I’ve compiled some of my favorite tips in this nifty little Halloween Party Guide. I’ve included healthy recipes that won’t turn your butt into a pumpkin,… read more
Dec 04

Do You Need a Doula? Myths and Truths for Moms

For expectant moms, there are a million things to think about. Everything from changes in the body to what color to paint the nursery keep pregnant women up at night. But one of the most important things to think about is how the delivery is going to go and how best to manage it. Too often, a birth plan gets left to the last minute. When your water breaks, it’s too late… read more
Sep 11

Kettlebell fun

Working out doesn’t have to involve an expensive gym membership, a flaky trainer or even a basement full of fancy equipment. With just 1 or 2 props, you can bust a sweat like a Navy Seal. One of my favorite tools for a make-me-sore workout is my 12kg kettlebell.… read more
Mar 10

Rock your body. Proudly.

As a trainer, the pressure to look the part can be overwhelming. Many close to me know that I have never been stick thin, never will be and have no desire to try achieve something that just simply would look ridiculous on my frame. Turning curves into muscle is an art I have mastered, and let’s face it: hard bodies are WAAAY awesome. So I rock it whenever I can… read more
Nov 22

Truffle Salad Dressing? O MY!!!

I don’t *do* packaged dressing–I like fresh ingredients to go with my fresh salad.  This one is my favorite: Skoog’s Truffle Salad Dressing 1 1/4 Tbsp top-quality olive oil 1/2tsp truffle oil 3/4Tbsp Balsamic Reduction 1/2tsp water 1/4tsp lemon juice pinch truffle salt pinch black pepper pinch red pepper flakes Mix all ingredients into… read more
Nov 12

Running Club Reminder

Saturday morning running club will meet at 9am at Columbus Circle under the Trump Globe above the subway station.  We will leave at 9:05 SHARP! This free running group is for the purpose to stay in shape during the dark winter months ahead…JOIN US!  All levels welcome! RSVP with me at jenny@skoogfit.com… read more
Jul 02

Welcome to my blog

At long last, Skoogfit.com has come to fruition. I am proof that if you set your mind to something it can be done with a little elbow grease and a wad of *gulp* cash. I learned a lot and express gratitude to Jay Sullivan (www.jaysullivan.net) for making me look like a legit trainer (lighting and makeup!!) and having patience to make the countless changes I asked for.… read more