Sep 13

post-birth ramp-up

Exciting news! There’s been a tiny baby-boom in my little world. Eleven family members, friends and clients have all given birth in the last 2 months with more expected to arrive very soon! Although anyone can download my “roadmap to recovery” by signing up for the Skoogfit newsletter, I’ve decided to share it on my blog as an easy-access… read more
Mar 20

Part 2: Getting Sexy Back

Getting your body back after childbirth can be a daunting task, especially if you’ve experienced a tough labor and delivery. Many women wonder where to even start. After properly stretching and lengthening tight muscles (featured in yesterday’s post) I recommend performing the following strength exercises 2-3 times per week. 1. Seated 1-arm… read more
Mar 19

Post-Childbirth: Getting Sexy Back Step 1

After the final few months of weight gain during pregnancy and then childbirth, it’s no wonder my clients have so many joint issues, muscle aches and pains! Consider that new moms spend most of their time caring for their newborn in a seated or hunched-over position for weeks at a time. With very little (or no) time to correct imbalances, motherhood can… read more
Feb 12

Help! Diastasis Recti!

After giving birth, it’s time to get back to the gym, bust a move and get that pre-pregnancy figure back STAT, right?  Let’s get sexy back!!!!!!! Welllll, not so fast there, speedy. Approximately 70% of new moms develop diastasis recti at some point in their third trimester. This common problem is the separation of the abdominal wall, specifically… read more
Nov 12

Wedding Day Workout!

Every bride wants to look fantastic on her wedding day – after all, it’s the photos that last forever. So when you wake up that morning, should you go for a run or hit the weights? Since you’ll be spending many hours on your feet dancing the night away, march your booty straight to the weight room and get your pump on for pictures! Here’s… read more
Nov 10

No Time? NO Excuses!

Is your schedule JAMMED? Do you literally have just minutes a day to yourself? Is a trip to the gym out of the question for your schedule and wallet? This seems to be a running theme for women everywhere. In the last month, I’ve received inquiries from clients and fans about quick workouts that make a difference. Moms find time while the babies nap. Executives… read more
Oct 12

10-Minute Ways to Better Health

By now, most of us know that 30 minutes daily of moderate exercise is essential for good health. But not all of us has a solid 30-minute window to devote to ourselves. Studies show that breaking up those 30 minutes is just as effective. Below are 6, 10-minute ways to get those 30 minutes in, and all you need is your determination to get through! Workout 1: Calisthenicsread more
Oct 02


One of my favorite ways to increase cardiovascular capacity is by doing cardio intervals. I save longer, steady-state runs for the outdoors, using a treadmill for specific conditioning drills instead. I share with you a 45-minute conditioning workout that is guaranteed to push your cardiovascular system to the next level. Enjoy! Find a moderate pace thatread more
Sep 05

Working Mama

After a 6-month maternity leave, a dear client of mine went back to work. Since she wants to spend every moment she can with her children, my client takes a cab to work. At her sedentary desk job, she works straight through lunch so that she can leave on-time to eat dinner with her family before bedtime (taking a cab home, of course)! She is not alone. I know countless… read more
Aug 31

Booty Boot Camp

  Look what I pulled from the 2007 archives! My lower body boot camp designed to condition and tone your rear-end! This week-long leg-and-butt-kicker is killer. I’ll never forget the “can’t walk” feeling after day 3, but a legendary lower body is earned. Go get yours!   Monday:  Jump Rope 100 Revolutions Treadmill 15%… read more