Aug 30

TRX Travel Workout!

When I leave town, without fail, my suspension training TRX comes with. If I can’t find a gym, I still get a proper workout anywhere,┬áno excuses. After all, it’s super lightweight and can be strung up anywhere, like a tree, monkey bars or, in this case, a support beam on the house. This type of resistance┬átraining uses bodyweight against gravity…

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Aug 29

No Gym, No Problem

Today is my scheduled leg day. Despite not having access to a gym on vacation, mission accomplished.
Here’s what I did, with little to no rest:

5 hill sprints
45 step-up-to-reverse-lunge each leg on picnic table bench
150 stair sprints
lateral run, 24 deck lengths
50 side lunges each leg
5 hill sprints

The air up here is so fresh and clean, I feel energized…

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