Childbirth Education & Coaching

New Yorkers are busy. That’s why Jenny’s informative, non fear-based, straight-to-the-point “cliff notes” version of childbirth education is so popular. Jenny tailors this 3-hour curriculum to her clients’ ideal birth, answers questions and concerns and provides first-time parents information based on their needs in the comforts of their own home. Includes personalized birth plan. Jenny is an International Childbirth Educator of America (ICEA).

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Because of her confident, no-nonsense and can-do approach to childbirth, Jenny has earned the “Urban Doula” nickname. During those final months before birth, Jenny assists in mapping out a solid birth plan, ensuring that mother-to-be and partner are on the same page. During labor, her clear, direct and precise direction help both mother and partner navigate what can be a confusing-and scary-journey from home to hospital and beyond. Jenny approaches each birthing experience with an open mind and positive optimism. Jenny is a DONA-trained doula. Includes two in-home visits, customized birth plan, 24-hour on-call availability and commitment from start to finish.

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