Jenny wears many hats: she’s an exceptional personal trainer, doula, childbirth educator, nutritionist, and expert in all things ‘bride to baby’. She teaches in-depth seminars nationwide. Topics include:

  • Diamonds to Diapers: an overall guide from aisle-hot to a honeymoon baby
  • Fertility Matters: preparing the body for pregnancy
  • The Confident Pregnancy: safe, effective exercises for expectant mothers
  • Natural Childbirth: train for it and succeed
  • Getting Sexy Back: post-childbirth posture, core and pelvic floor strength
  • Diastasis Recti & Core Strength: what is it and how can I get back to normal?

Jenny’s fun, upbeat and personal approach to these 3-hour courses make her a universal favorite. Here are some notes about her workshops:

  • 3 hours of in-depth, science-based information
  • Hands-on approach with safe and effective exercise modifications according to each individual
  • Take-home fitness and nutrition plans
  • Practical demonstrations based on the sport of motherhood

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