May 10

Inspiration is a 2-way street.

I have an amazing clientele.  New Yorkers from all walks of life come to me every week for their dose of laughter, inspiration, muscle fatigue and the sheer joy of life that comes from exerting their bodies: to transfer that physical strength into mental toughness. Just as my clients come to me for their dose, I need them to follow through with their homework,… read more
Apr 29

Mind over matter.

Whenever I’m mulling over a particular roadblock in life, it’s usually nothing that a long run, a conversation with a close friend, a boxing session or yoga class can’t cure.  By tackling a problem head-on, I find that I accomplish more, procrastinate less and feel like I have more control over my life. Typically, my distractions are nothing… read more
Mar 10

Rock your body. Proudly.

As a trainer, the pressure to look the part can be overwhelming. Many close to me know that I have never been stick thin, never will be and have no desire to try achieve something that just simply would look ridiculous on my frame. Turning curves into muscle is an art I have mastered, and let’s face it: hard bodies are WAAAY awesome. So I rock it whenever I can… read more
Feb 08

Over so soon?

For the last 6 weeks, my client and I have had major difficulty finding space or equipment to “work it out.” When we needed the 17.5-lb dumbbells, they were nowhere to be found…clearly being used by a newbie or left on the floor a mile away, only to be discovered by the gym cleaner-upper.  Then came last Saturday. Almost like magic, we had our… read more
Jan 30

30 days in.

It was a long, snowy month.  My resolution to run more miles this year was nearly thwarted due to one of mother nature’s snowiest months on record in NYC.  I was forced to take my fitness indoors to the dreaded treadmill.  O how I despise the treadmill!!  However, I sucked it up and my resolutions still stand strong.  I lost 4 of the 7 lbs that I gained… read more
Jan 01

Stay on Track: GO!

Happy New Year, health nuts!  I have given a week’s worth of ways you can stick to your resolutions.  Refer back to them often.  Print them out and post them on your fridge.  Whatever it takes, form your new habits and go with it!   I am your resource for those discouraging days.  Reach out to me with questions, thoughts, concerns or inspiration:  … read more
Dec 28

Stay on Track: The Backup Plan

You’ve joined the gym.  You hung the inspirational photos up, bought the food, told your friends and planned out your month.  “I’m gonna do this,” you told yourself.  Inevitably, a circumstance presents itself and your plans go by the wayside.   Below are some examples of how life gets in the way: a family member gets sick… read more
Dec 27

Stay on Track: A Week-Long Series

Today begins a week-long series on my blog dedicated to staying on track.  By building a solid, fail-proof plan, we’ll find ways to keep your long-anticipated New Year’s Resolutions going throughout 2011.  Let’s concentrate on how to stay focused in the weeks and months ahead. VISUALIZE: Having constant little reminders throughout… read more
Dec 07

Quit Smoking. Now.

When I take a yoga class, I truly try to shut off and focus on my breathing, posture, alignment and sense of self.  Today, I had the most frustrating experience.  Most of you know that I have a big nose.  And it works.  Really well.  After we said our initial “Om’s” and were inhaling/exhaling into downward facing dog, I noticed the… read more
Nov 30

Power inside out

“The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.” – Alice Walker, ‘No Excuses‘ by Gloria Feldt That’s all I want to say today.… read more