Feb 20

What the hock?!

Gross confession alert:  I am a spitter during outdoor exercise, especially in the pollen-filled springtime though I’m a year-round type of ejector. While training for an upcoming half-marathon in Central Park, this morning’s 7-mile run produced more loogies than usual:  it was a bitter cold, windy, 22 degrees.  Since I’m… read more
Dec 08

Hanging on for dear life

In the gym, have you ever noticed the dude on the treadmill with the incline crazy-jacked all the way up to the max?  He’s white-knuckling the top of the machine for dear life!  I can’t help but do a ‘gawker slowdown’ as I pass by…all I wanna do is pull the damn electrical cord out of the wall!  What’s he doing?!  Certainly… read more
Dec 07

Quit Smoking. Now.

When I take a yoga class, I truly try to shut off and focus on my breathing, posture, alignment and sense of self.  Today, I had the most frustrating experience.  Most of you know that I have a big nose.  And it works.  Really well.  After we said our initial “Om’s” and were inhaling/exhaling into downward facing dog, I noticed the… read more
Aug 14

The Women’s Locker Room

Come on, ladies. Wrap it in a towel. Or at least put on your skivvies…You see, I don’t need to see all that I see in the locker room.Do you REALLY need to lotion on your ankles naked, especially when I’m standing inches behind you trying to get my things?!How about blow-drying your privates? Yup, seen it.I know you might be comfortable with your… read more