Mar 15

Sit tall! Chest up!

In the movies, Wall Street seems so glamorous: men and women wearing power suits, walking with a purpose, heads held high on their way to big meetings, moving and shaking the financial world.  But what I witnessed yesterday as I walked down the real Wall Street stopped me in my tracks.  These people had rounded shoulders, shuffle-like walking and bad, bad… read more
Feb 26

Cardio A.D.D.

Unless it’s raining, snowing or terrible weather, I do my cardiovascular exercise outside:  Central Park’s rolling hills are just my size.  If I’m looking for a long, flat surface, the Hudson River Park is perfect:  gorgeous views of the Statue of Liberty, the George Washington Bridge and New Jersey ‘over there’.  … read more
Feb 20

What the hock?!

Gross confession alert:  I am a spitter during outdoor exercise, especially in the pollen-filled springtime though I’m a year-round type of ejector. While training for an upcoming half-marathon in Central Park, this morning’s 7-mile run produced more loogies than usual:  it was a bitter cold, windy, 22 degrees.  Since I’m… read more
Jan 27

Work those calves, people.

I know I’m stating the obvious when I say that Dwayne Johnson, a/k/a “The Rock” has an amazing body.  Every time I’ve seen him in the gym, his calves are ON FIRE.  It’s obvious he focuses on his legs as much as the rest of his body — as anyone should.  Most guys who work out have great chests and arms, but as your eyes scroll… read more
Jan 24

Wedding Tracker: Introducing Kaylin D!

Meet Kaylin D., a Marketing Coordinator for an online ad sales company living in Southern California. At 5’6″, 155lbs, this 25-year-old possesses a demeanor that matches the bright, sunny weather of her home. With a wedding date set for October 14, 2011, we have over ten months to get her in tip-top shape for her big day. We’ll address muscle… read more
Jan 18

Jiggly Arms…No More!

One of my favorite body parts to work is the back of my upper arm: the tricep. (You know, that annoying, jiggly part of the arm that flaps in the wind as we age!) The primary responsibility for the tricep (3 muscles) is for elbow extension; that is, for straightening the arm. Even though it’s impossible to “spot-tone,” I like the ‘pump’… read more
Jan 08


Most of my guys despise cardiovascular exercise.  They’d rather hit the weights with a meathead workout than spend what seems like an eternity on the elliptical. Though aerobic exercise can be boring, it helps to keep the heart healthy and stave off heart disease, the leading cause of death in men. In fact, men suffer heart attacks on average ten years… read more
Dec 29

Stay on Track: Log It!

Since becoming a trainer, the best success stories I’ve seen are the clients who take control of their lives by tracking exercise and eating patterns.  By logging their fitness and nutrition, they are able to take a hard look at what is holding them back from their goals.  Today’s topic is all about maintaining a food and exercise log. THE FOOD LOG: … read more
Dec 27

Stay on Track: A Week-Long Series

Today begins a week-long series on my blog dedicated to staying on track.  By building a solid, fail-proof plan, we’ll find ways to keep your long-anticipated New Year’s Resolutions going throughout 2011.  Let’s concentrate on how to stay focused in the weeks and months ahead. VISUALIZE: Having constant little reminders throughout… read more
Dec 23

Skoog's Quick Workout

I’m insanely busy…which is why I haven’t been consistently blogging this week — the holidays are upon us!  Below I share a workout you can do anytime, anywhere for about 20-30 minutes.  It’s a calorie blaster and metabolism speeder-upper! Preliminary stretch/joint prep 2-5 minutes repeat the following set of exercisesread more