Jun 24

MommyFit by SkoogFit

I just had to share the news of this latest offer from yours truly since it expires in 3 days! Soon-to-be and new mommies get 43% off MommyFit by SkoogFit! Check out my offer on Gaggle of Chicks to redeem this deal! Also makes a great gift ;). Jenny Skoog is a New York City-based fitness expert, NASM certified personal trainer, pre/post-natal coach, DONA-International… read more
Jun 22

Take a Hike!

In this concrete jungle, also known as NYC, I get a little stir-crazy from the urban insanity and find myself needing to get off the island to breathe fresh air.  Years ago, a friend introduced me to Cold Spring, where I have returned several times each year to hike it’s gorgeous surrounding ridges and quarries. There is something so spiritual and meditative… read more
Jun 02


Vibram Five Finger shoes. Garmin GPS watches. Lululemon Coolmax clothing. FlyWheel spin classes. Jaybird Sportsband bluetooth headphones. Skoogfit personal training. P90X. Today’s fitness enthusiast is addicted to gadgetry and luxury more than ever and will (it seems) spend any amount of money to get the latest and greatest technology to make… read more
May 19

The Warm-Up

Before I set out to exert my body, whether it’s a run in the park, a strength routine at the gym, a yoga class, boxing or conditioning, I need to get the juices flowing and energy pumping through my body.  This is when I mentally prepare for the physical demands I’m about to put on myself and I want it to be a stimulating eperience.  It’s a great… read more
Apr 15

Growing old, getting younger.

I have “older” parents.  They’re super cool (duh).  Even though they have a whole host of age-related issues including osteoporosis, knee replacement, heart disease, arthritis and probably a few more that I don’t know about, my parents go to the gym at least twice a week to get their sweat on.  They tell me it feels good.  … read more
Apr 12

'tis the season for bikes!

I spent most of the past week in my home-state of Minnesota.  For several years, the city of Minneapolis has been amping up their bicycle trails, putting them in the number one spot for bicycle enthusiasts around the country.  In the dead of winter, during brutal stormy conditions, die-hard bikers commute distances further than 20 miles to work. I’m… read more
Mar 26

Last-Minute Fitness

I have a fitness photoshoot in, like, a week. Although I haven’t been slacking in my workouts, the intensity hasn’t been where it should be, given that I have to look like a legit trainer on camera.  Time to step it up, PRONTO. So here’s the million dollar question:  What’s the quickest, safest way to slim down? Many people say the… read more
Mar 04

Get Your Spring Fling On!

What are you training for?  Training to lose weight but never seeming to hit your target is frustrating and tedious.  Those same ol’ 5, 10, 30 pounds never seem to go anywhere…ugh!  Stop training for weight loss!  Instead, train for something fun, like the MS Walk this spring, the Urban Dare (I’m doing it and could use another… read more
Feb 26

Cardio A.D.D.

Unless it’s raining, snowing or terrible weather, I do my cardiovascular exercise outside:  Central Park’s rolling hills are just my size.  If I’m looking for a long, flat surface, the Hudson River Park is perfect:  gorgeous views of the Statue of Liberty, the George Washington Bridge and New Jersey ‘over there’.  … read more
Feb 17

The Skinny.

Women’s obsession with obtaining a stick-thin body in our society makes me cringe.  Since I live in the pressure-cooker that is New York City, I train many overachievers.  My least favorite question goes along the lines of, “how can I tone up without getting too bulky?” They say this with a straight face.  Seriously.  I take a deep… read more