Apr 01

Eat, k?

Over the course of my career, I have worked with my fair share of people struggling with what I’ll call ‘disordered eating habits’.  As a body-obsessed nation, many people work towards a perfect body or at least think about it. Knowing when my client isn’t like everyone else and is possibly suffering from an eating disorder has its challenges-as… read more
Mar 01

TSA-Proof Snacks

These days, liquid restrictions for air travel can be annoying, to say the very least!  And the ‘liquid’ definition gets a little murky when it comes to food.  Between our wedding and honeymoon, we had a difficult time deciding on what to pack in the suitcase and what to carry on.  A dear aunt lovingly made jam for my new husband and I as a send-off… read more
Feb 23

Superfood: Kale

Sometimes I get bored of the same ol’ snacks week after week.  I’m always on the lookout for new and exciting healthy treats.  Some months ago, I discovered Kale Chips at a local grocer, bought them, ate the entire container in one train ride and had the worst stomach ache on earth.  To make matters worse, I had to log it and ‘fess up to my… read more
Feb 15

Sugar-Free Trouble.

When a client of mine comes in complaining of chronic headaches, I typically blame tight traps, stress, dehydration, lack of sleep or excessive drinking. However, a few times over the years they’ve been busted indulging in daily diet sodas. (Gasp!)  Since I’m no fan of aspartame, I bribe them to quit with free sessions.  And wouldn’t… read more
Feb 01

Superbowl Parties: The Healthy Way

After a very exciting season, many of my readers will be attending or hosting a superbowl party this Sunday.  Typical fare includes over-the-top nibbles like chicken wings, nachos, chili dogs and other fried calorie-bombs.  Additionally, margaritas, beer and mixed drinks are poured in copious amounts. If you’re attending a party, consider… read more
Jan 12

I can eat out, too?!

Eating clean at home is fairly easy.  If it’s not in the house, it’s not on your plate…simple as that!  But what about the inevitable little celebrations that come up on your social calendar requiring that you dine out?  What to do? Have you ever shown up to a restaurant ravenous and order everything on the menu?  Or you make an unwise… read more
Jan 05

Flu Soup.

It’s flu season.  This year’s strain seems to be a lasting bug that sticks around for about 10 days or so, beginning with a sore throat and leading to itchy, watery eyes, sneezing, a pestering cough and runny nose.  My favorite cure, aside from several days spent lazing around at home, is my aromatic version of chicken soup.  You’ll… read more
Jan 03

Bag lunch

A dear friend of mine shared her resolution on Facebook.  She vows to set monthly resolutions instead of one big yearly resolution.  I love her idea for January:  not eat out for lunch all month. Not only will she save approximately $200, but she could potentially lose 5 pounds just by packing her own lunch each day! My advice?  Start preparing the week’s… read more
Dec 29

Stay on Track: Log It!

Since becoming a trainer, the best success stories I’ve seen are the clients who take control of their lives by tracking exercise and eating patterns.  By logging their fitness and nutrition, they are able to take a hard look at what is holding them back from their goals.  Today’s topic is all about maintaining a food and exercise log. THE FOOD LOG: … read more
Dec 27

Stay on Track: A Week-Long Series

Today begins a week-long series on my blog dedicated to staying on track.  By building a solid, fail-proof plan, we’ll find ways to keep your long-anticipated New Year’s Resolutions going throughout 2011.  Let’s concentrate on how to stay focused in the weeks and months ahead. VISUALIZE: Having constant little reminders throughout… read more