Jun 02


Vibram Five Finger shoes. Garmin GPS watches. Lululemon Coolmax clothing. FlyWheel spin classes. Jaybird Sportsband bluetooth headphones. Skoogfit personal training. P90X. Today’s fitness enthusiast is addicted to gadgetry and luxury more than ever and will (it seems) spend any amount of money to get the latest and greatest technology to make… read more
Oct 24

Running Shoes

With the New York City Marathon coming up in a couple weeks, there’s a lot of buzz in the air about running.  Several of my clients have taken up the sport recently:  it’s an inexpensive, convenient and easy way to stay in shape especially if you’re on the road–all you have to do is pack your shoes and explore a neighborhood… read more
Aug 17

Shameless Lululemon Plug

I’m addicted to lululemon.You see, if I’m going to wear pajamas all day at work, I want to look my very best and wear the most well-made comfy clothes out there. I fully endorse their brand.I work harder when I’m stylin’ at the gym.Their pants make my backside look amazing and the tops hug my curves just right. The better I think I look,… read more