May 10

Inspiration is a 2-way street.

I have an amazing clientele.  New Yorkers from all walks of life come to me every week for their dose of laughter, inspiration, muscle fatigue and the sheer joy of life that comes from exerting their bodies: to transfer that physical strength into mental toughness. Just as my clients come to me for their dose, I need them to follow through with their homework,… read more
Apr 06

Self employed? Read on.

In the last two years, the ups and downs of the economy have forced many people to reinvent themselves and become self-employed.  It can be very liberating on one hand, but if you’re not careful, it’s very easy to put on weight.  The highs and lows of business are very stressful and many business owners put themselves on the back burner. My advice?  … read more
Mar 26

Last-Minute Fitness

I have a fitness photoshoot in, like, a week. Although I haven’t been slacking in my workouts, the intensity hasn’t been where it should be, given that I have to look like a legit trainer on camera.  Time to step it up, PRONTO. So here’s the million dollar question:  What’s the quickest, safest way to slim down? Many people say the… read more
Mar 13

What's your plan?

I know I’m deviating from the fitness topic, but I can’t help thinking about what would happen if New York was hit with the devastation that has hit Japan. It seems like Japan was very well-equipped to deal with such a tragedy:  with so many regular quakes they have strict building codes.  They practice regular evacuation drills and have plans… read more
Mar 04

Get Your Spring Fling On!

What are you training for?  Training to lose weight but never seeming to hit your target is frustrating and tedious.  Those same ol’ 5, 10, 30 pounds never seem to go anywhere…ugh!  Stop training for weight loss!  Instead, train for something fun, like the MS Walk this spring, the Urban Dare (I’m doing it and could use another… read more
Feb 08

Over so soon?

For the last 6 weeks, my client and I have had major difficulty finding space or equipment to “work it out.” When we needed the 17.5-lb dumbbells, they were nowhere to be found…clearly being used by a newbie or left on the floor a mile away, only to be discovered by the gym cleaner-upper.  Then came last Saturday. Almost like magic, we had our… read more
Feb 01

Superbowl Parties: The Healthy Way

After a very exciting season, many of my readers will be attending or hosting a superbowl party this Sunday.  Typical fare includes over-the-top nibbles like chicken wings, nachos, chili dogs and other fried calorie-bombs.  Additionally, margaritas, beer and mixed drinks are poured in copious amounts. If you’re attending a party, consider… read more
Jan 30

30 days in.

It was a long, snowy month.  My resolution to run more miles this year was nearly thwarted due to one of mother nature’s snowiest months on record in NYC.  I was forced to take my fitness indoors to the dreaded treadmill.  O how I despise the treadmill!!  However, I sucked it up and my resolutions still stand strong.  I lost 4 of the 7 lbs that I gained… read more
Jan 24

Wedding Tracker: Introducing Kaylin D!

Meet Kaylin D., a Marketing Coordinator for an online ad sales company living in Southern California. At 5’6″, 155lbs, this 25-year-old possesses a demeanor that matches the bright, sunny weather of her home. With a wedding date set for October 14, 2011, we have over ten months to get her in tip-top shape for her big day. We’ll address muscle… read more
Jan 03

Bag lunch

A dear friend of mine shared her resolution on Facebook.  She vows to set monthly resolutions instead of one big yearly resolution.  I love her idea for January:  not eat out for lunch all month. Not only will she save approximately $200, but she could potentially lose 5 pounds just by packing her own lunch each day! My advice?  Start preparing the week’s… read more