May 27

Skoog learns a valuable lesson.

A week or so ago, I started to feel under the weather.  It all started with a fever…otherwise, I felt fine.  Instead of listening to my body and knowing all I know about slowing down, I plowed ahead with powerful workouts and long runs.  My body came to a screeching halt and by Tuesday I was bedridden with, what I’ll call, the flu of the century.… read more
Apr 15

Growing old, getting younger.

I have “older” parents.  They’re super cool (duh).  Even though they have a whole host of age-related issues including osteoporosis, knee replacement, heart disease, arthritis and probably a few more that I don’t know about, my parents go to the gym at least twice a week to get their sweat on.  They tell me it feels good.  … read more
Apr 06

Self employed? Read on.

In the last two years, the ups and downs of the economy have forced many people to reinvent themselves and become self-employed.  It can be very liberating on one hand, but if you’re not careful, it’s very easy to put on weight.  The highs and lows of business are very stressful and many business owners put themselves on the back burner. My advice?  … read more
Apr 01

Eat, k?

Over the course of my career, I have worked with my fair share of people struggling with what I’ll call ‘disordered eating habits’.  As a body-obsessed nation, many people work towards a perfect body or at least think about it. Knowing when my client isn’t like everyone else and is possibly suffering from an eating disorder has its challenges-as… read more
Feb 17

The Skinny.

Women’s obsession with obtaining a stick-thin body in our society makes me cringe.  Since I live in the pressure-cooker that is New York City, I train many overachievers.  My least favorite question goes along the lines of, “how can I tone up without getting too bulky?” They say this with a straight face.  Seriously.  I take a deep… read more
Feb 15

Sugar-Free Trouble.

When a client of mine comes in complaining of chronic headaches, I typically blame tight traps, stress, dehydration, lack of sleep or excessive drinking. However, a few times over the years they’ve been busted indulging in daily diet sodas. (Gasp!)  Since I’m no fan of aspartame, I bribe them to quit with free sessions.  And wouldn’t… read more
Jan 21

Find the time. Plan your life.

Today I bought a mattress.  The man who sold it to me was polite…and fat.  When he asked me what I do for a living, he got all chatty about how he “just doesn’t have time” to work out.  Riiight.  So I asked him if he has another job.  No, he replied.  Are you married?  No.  Kids?  No.  Does he plan out his meals?  No.  … read more
Jan 19

The sun is always shining…even if it isn't.

These blustery, dreary, winter days are tough on the body.  My hair is brittle, my skin has dry patches, red blotches and is itchy-scratchy!  My lips crack and peel every other week, I swear!  I should buy stock in Burt’s Bees or Kiehl’s! In the summer months when the sun is beating down, I wear moisturizer with SPF…but these winter months… read more
Jan 13

Your Partner: The Sloth

So far so good in 2011:  your workouts are on-track, eating is pretty clean and you’ve lost a pound (or 2!).  However, your significant other is definitely NOT.  He/she sits around eating bonbons, flipping between The Simpsons and Cops .  Sometimes the love of your life may be unintentionally sabotaging your plans: change can be a scary thing!  … read more
Jan 05

Flu Soup.

It’s flu season.  This year’s strain seems to be a lasting bug that sticks around for about 10 days or so, beginning with a sore throat and leading to itchy, watery eyes, sneezing, a pestering cough and runny nose.  My favorite cure, aside from several days spent lazing around at home, is my aromatic version of chicken soup.  You’ll… read more