Jun 24

MommyFit by SkoogFit

I just had to share the news of this latest offer from yours truly since it expires in 3 days! Soon-to-be and new mommies get 43% off MommyFit by SkoogFit! Check out my offer on Gaggle of Chicks to redeem this deal! Also makes a great gift ;). Jenny Skoog is a New York City-based fitness expert, NASM certified personal trainer, pre/post-natal coach, DONA-International… read more
May 25

Seminar June 9, 7pm

During my next trip to my homestate of Minnesota, I will be hosting a seminar on staying fit during pregnancy and beyond, focusing on safe exercises during each trimester, how to prepare physically for a natural childbirth and getting the body back post-baby.  I’ll answer fitness questions, lead a mini-workout and hand out some pretty awesome swag… read more
May 09

Fit Mommy.

Every Monday my to-do list is longer than a kid’s wishlist at Christmas.  Today’s list is even longer…more like a greedy spoiled brat’s Christmas list.  Making exercise a priority today was killer, so I called a friend to keep me accountable.  Off we ran, 6 miles in Central Park, taking turns pushing her 10-month-old in a jogging… read more