Feb 08

Over so soon?

For the last 6 weeks, my client and I have had major difficulty finding space or equipment to “work it out.” When we needed the 17.5-lb dumbbells, they were nowhere to be found…clearly being used by a newbie or left on the floor a mile away, only to be discovered by the gym cleaner-upper.  Then came last Saturday. Almost like magic, we had our… read more
Jan 09

January 9, 2011: Resolutions Strong?

Excuse: I’m not good enough.  I fail at everything I do.  Nothing works for me.
 It’s been 9 days and I haven’t lost a pound. SolutionStay positive and keep your eyes on the prize. Do not lose momentum. The first few weeks of any program are going to be the most difficult.  Did you put a picture of your ideal body on your fridge?  How’s… read more