Feb 26

Cardio A.D.D.

Unless it’s raining, snowing or terrible weather, I do my cardiovascular exercise outside:  Central Park’s rolling hills are just my size.  If I’m looking for a long, flat surface, the Hudson River Park is perfect:  gorgeous views of the Statue of Liberty, the George Washington Bridge and New Jersey ‘over there’.  … read more
Feb 20

What the hock?!

Gross confession alert:  I am a spitter during outdoor exercise, especially in the pollen-filled springtime though I’m a year-round type of ejector. While training for an upcoming half-marathon in Central Park, this morning’s 7-mile run produced more loogies than usual:  it was a bitter cold, windy, 22 degrees.  Since I’m… read more
Nov 12

Running Club Reminder

Saturday morning running club will meet at 9am at Columbus Circle under the Trump Globe above the subway station.  We will leave at 9:05 SHARP! This free running group is for the purpose to stay in shape during the dark winter months ahead…JOIN US!  All levels welcome! RSVP with me at… read more
Nov 10

Pregnant? Work it out!!

One of my clients just entered her third trimester of pregnancy.  She’s always been a runner and is still comfortable breaking into a jog during bouts of cardio.  I am amazed at how critical others react to this type of workout, claiming she shouldn’t be running, that she’s in a ‘fragile state’ or somehow she’s being… read more
Nov 08

A Book Plug

You know those books on the buy 2, get 1 free table at the bookstore?  They’re like last year’s rejects, unwanted, stale, old books the store wants to rid itself of.  Yeah, those. Last year I was browsing such a table at Borders and bought 2, which gave me a free one.  Two of them were awesome, the third is in the bottom of my locker at my old job.  … read more
Nov 01

My Season Is Party-Proof!

With Thanksgiving behind and the Christmas/New Year’s holidays ahead, ’tis the season for parties galore!  I have at least one party planned every week, a fun girls’ weekend trip and a few shows to attend before January.  I also have a fitness photo-shoot coming up and need to look (and feel) amazing!! How on earth will I do it all and still… read more
Oct 28

Running Club!

Skoogfit is starting a beginner’s running club Saturday Mornings!We will be training for the Ted Corbitt 15K Run on December 19th, 2010 in Central Park sponsored by the New York Road Runners The Dirty Details:Cost:  FREEWho:  You and your friends…this is a beginner class with the goal of running a 15K in December.When: … read more
Oct 24

Running Shoes

With the New York City Marathon coming up in a couple weeks, there’s a lot of buzz in the air about running.  Several of my clients have taken up the sport recently:  it’s an inexpensive, convenient and easy way to stay in shape especially if you’re on the road–all you have to do is pack your shoes and explore a neighborhood… read more