Mar 04

Get Your Spring Fling On!

What are you training for?  Training to lose weight but never seeming to hit your target is frustrating and tedious.  Those same ol’ 5, 10, 30 pounds never seem to go anywhere…ugh!  Stop training for weight loss!  Instead, train for something fun, like the MS Walk this spring, the Urban Dare (I’m doing it and could use another… read more
Dec 15

Baby, It's Cold Outside!

Shiver me timbers!!!  I can’t believe how cold it is so early in the season!  Many people suffer annually from the winter blues (Seasonal Affective Disorder), children go stir-crazy, get cabin fever and I gain weight. In the past couple years, however, I have found many ways to combat these unfortunate issues and want to share them with you: If you read more
Nov 28

Bang for your Buck: 30-Minute Workouts

What’s the most popular cardio machine in the gym?  The treadmill?  Elliptical?  It’s a toss-up.  Human nature always sides with the easiest way out. How boring is the elliptical?  Ugh.  30 minutes seems like a dreadful eternity…and quite frankly, you might as well be a hamster on a wheel.  If you’re looking to make a change… read more
Nov 08

A Book Plug

You know those books on the buy 2, get 1 free table at the bookstore?  They’re like last year’s rejects, unwanted, stale, old books the store wants to rid itself of.  Yeah, those. Last year I was browsing such a table at Borders and bought 2, which gave me a free one.  Two of them were awesome, the third is in the bottom of my locker at my old job.  … read more
Sep 20

Warm days, crisp nights, FALL LEAGUES!

I love this time of year. Makes me want to rake leaves, play a game of football and eat roasted brussels sprouts (and other seasonal veggies).It’s also a great time to bring the gym outside.You see, winter is looming and that 5-pound weight gain is just around the corner.I have a good friend who plays in seasonal sports leagues. It’s always fun to hear… read more