Jun 19

He's just not that into you…

I train clients all over Manhattan in various private gyms.  While many personal trainers out there possess professionalism and expert knowledge (or do they?), I can’t help but notice a growing pet peeve of mine:  lazy and distracted trainers.  While their clients are huffing and puffing away, their overpaid trainer-with-a-hangover is sitting… read more
Oct 03

Training for a healthy pregnancy

As a fitness trainer, I have trained many, many pregnant women. In an effort to understand the ins and outs of labor, I have been attending classes and am now a DONA International Trained Doula. It has been an amazing experience and I now realize that staying physically fit during pregnancy can make all the difference between a tired, draining birthing process… read more
Aug 18

My foot!

Whenever my clients get injured, whether it’s because they slept wrong, twisted their ankle wearing hooker heels or hurt their knee playing a rough game of tennis, I typically give the same advice: REST, ICE, COMPRESS & ELEVATE Yet, when I get injured, I have the hardest time following my advice. Last Sunday, I ran a half-marathon and have been limping… read more
Jul 28

Smiley Floor Trainers

I was working my legs in the gym today…hard.My music was groovin’, I was focused, in the moment, total concentration. …and then it happened. The smiley floor trainer stopped me in my tracks. “Excuse me, but…” Apparently my form was all ‘wrong’ and he wants to talk about it. Like break down the exercise and… read more
Jul 03

I have a trainer, too

I have a trainer. I love my trainer.I need my trainer. You see, after a long week of directing others’ workouts, I find it hard to get creative enough to push myself. I like that I don’t have to think about what to do next, or how long my rest interval should be, because I KNOW that during the next hour, I do as I’m told.He pushes me harder than anyone… read more