Wedding Tracker

Aug 08

Wedding Tracker Roadblock

When Kaylin and I first met, we discussed the highs and lows of goal setting and weight loss: we knew there’d be both. How fortunate we’ve been to experience mostly “high’s” since January! In her words, Kaylin is hitting a pretty “low” valley right now. The last few weekends haven’t gone as planned and (as… read more
Jul 25

Wedding Tracker Plateau?

Kaylin is jamming along at a slim 136 pounds, 1 pound shy of her 20-pound weight-loss goal.  As you saw from our last Wedding Tracker, she looks great.  In fact, as an onlooker, it seems like she could stop right there. But Kaylin isn’t ready for maintenance mode and, unfortunately that last pound might be a dreaded plateau-in-waiting. For most people,… read more
Jul 11

Wedding Tracker: New Low's, All Good.

Wow, right?!  That all happened in 5 months.  Talk about taking charge of life and making some big changes!  Kaylin is definitely a star client!! I have only met this bride-to-be once.  Since the beginning of February, she has gone from 155# to a new weigh-in low of 136.5#–an 18.5 pound weight loss!  Even though her actual weight loss has seemed… read more
Jun 28

Wedding Tracker: Donut Cupcakes???

Holy smokes. Getting ready for a wedding is seriously stressful and can make any woman become obsessive/compulsive.  Having to log every morsel of food and stick to a rigorous workout regimen for most of us might just tip the stress scale over.  Kaylin has been logging it all, meticuluously, week in and week out…to the point where she’s been… read more
Jun 14

Wedding Tracker with K-Dawg!

Kaylin continues to be teacher’s pet.  Each week in addition to 2 runs (she’s fast, too…under 8-minute miles), a spin class, pilates or yoga and two strength workouts, she does what I call ‘active rest’–an enjoyable, low-key, relaxing-but-still-worthwhile 30-90 minute beach stroll or other activity with her… read more
May 31

Wedding Tracker with Kaylin

Kaylin has been doing a FANTASTIC job of staying on-track…with all those compliments coming in and the encouragement from her family and friends, Kaylin has managed to lose MORE weight, bringing her to a record low of 137.5 pounds.  Seriously. That’s the good news.  We had issues in the last few weeks that brought about a visit to the doctor… read more
May 17

Wedding Tracker Extravaganza

Apologies for the delay in blogging, but I have been out of the country on some important business: Valli’s Panamanian wedding!  She looked stunning.  My husband and I spent 5 days being hosted by her beautiful family and friends.  We had VIP treatment:  a private city tour, a behind-the-scenes exclusive Canal tour, a cruise on the Canal to Monkey… read more
May 02

Wedding Tracker: Kaylin Wears Shorts…

…for the first time in YEARS!!  Yes, you heard right…she has lived in California all this time and has been too self-conscious to wear shorts for most of her adult life!  Woah… Back in January, our Cali-bride weighed 155 pounds.  In just 2 1/2 short months, she lost 15 pounds by sticking to my plan of health-conscious eating, exercise and… read more
Apr 25

Wedding Tracker: Valli (and me!)

There’s really not much new to report on our teeny-tiny Panamanian bride…we’re kicking butt & taking names three times a week and she’s finishing up her school finals.  This bride is no-joke busy.  The big day is in just 2 1/2 short weeks! The big news is that I’M GOING TO THE WEDDING!!!!!  Yes, I’m going to Panama… read more
Apr 18

Wedding Tracker: Kaylin's Travel Woes

A beautiful Parisian run in the Luxembourg Gardens Travel can put a monkey-wrench into anyone’s straight-and-narrow plan.  Kaylin had every intention of staying on track through her travels, and believe me — she fared better than most.  From long plane rides (hello, Paris) to pastries and peer pressure, our girl did her best to choose the… read more