Jun 24

MommyFit by SkoogFit

I just had to share the news of this latest offer from yours truly since it expires in 3 days! Soon-to-be and new mommies get 43% off MommyFit by SkoogFit! Check out my offer on Gaggle of Chicks to redeem this deal! Also makes a great gift ;). Jenny Skoog is a New York City-based fitness expert, NASM certified personal trainer, pre/post-natal coach, DONA-International… read more
May 19

The Warm-Up

Before I set out to exert my body, whether it’s a run in the park, a strength routine at the gym, a yoga class, boxing or conditioning, I need to get the juices flowing and energy pumping through my body.  This is when I mentally prepare for the physical demands I’m about to put on myself and I want it to be a stimulating eperience.  It’s a great… read more
Mar 26

Last-Minute Fitness

I have a fitness photoshoot in, like, a week. Although I haven’t been slacking in my workouts, the intensity hasn’t been where it should be, given that I have to look like a legit trainer on camera.  Time to step it up, PRONTO. So here’s the million dollar question:  What’s the quickest, safest way to slim down? Many people say the… read more
Mar 15

Sit tall! Chest up!

In the movies, Wall Street seems so glamorous: men and women wearing power suits, walking with a purpose, heads held high on their way to big meetings, moving and shaking the financial world.  But what I witnessed yesterday as I walked down the real Wall Street stopped me in my tracks.  These people had rounded shoulders, shuffle-like walking and bad, bad… read more
Feb 26

Cardio A.D.D.

Unless it’s raining, snowing or terrible weather, I do my cardiovascular exercise outside:  Central Park’s rolling hills are just my size.  If I’m looking for a long, flat surface, the Hudson River Park is perfect:  gorgeous views of the Statue of Liberty, the George Washington Bridge and New Jersey ‘over there’.  … read more