Jules, post-hysterectomy

Every time I’ve had to rely on my arms and legs to support myself when I move, I am ever so grateful for the year I spent working out with you. It could have been so much worse! 🙂

Jacki, Birth

With Jen at the helm, the birth day for our beautiful little girl was one I never want to forget – it was one of the most incredible days of my life, I felt an amazing sense of achievement and very proud of my brave and strong little girl, of myself and my calm and supportive husband who was by my side. And Jen was instrumental in ‘maintaining the peace’ on the day, and preparing me for it physically and mentally.

Trish, Marketing Director and Mom

I was looking for someone to help motivate me so that I could look my best for my wedding. More than 4 years later, I continue to work out with her every week. I am now strong and feel confident in my post baby body.

Kaylin, Bride

I never thought I would look like that. I was looking at my before pics of my dress & its amazing how much has changed! There’s no way I could have done that on my own!

A Satisfied Bride

If you want to look insanely hot, fit and feel fabulous on your wedding day, Skoogfit is where it is at!

Stephanie, Writer and TV Producer

Jenny isn’t your typical trainer. She treats me like I’m her only client. She checks in during the week with texts and emails and always finds positives – even in my often negative behavior…most importantly, she’s always been supportive…I also like her self-made approach to fitness. She used to go to the gym, got really into it and transformed her own body, which was the main sell for me. Nothing is worse than training with a muscle-head who never had body issues or the need to drop a few extra pounds. She knows her clients’ plight.

Elizabeth, Accountant

Jenny is an amazing personal trainer. We met 9 years ago and we’ve been working out ever since. She has motivated and inspired me to live a healthier and more active lifestyle. As a result of our training I’ve lost over 40 pounds, competed in swimming races and triathlons and I completed my first marathon! She has a great attitude – fun, caring and friendly. She knows when to push and when your body needs a rest. Training with Jenny helps keep me calm and balanced in the crazy New York environment. I’m so thankful we met and I would recommend her to anyone.

Melissa, Busy Mommy

When I boldly bought a very revealing wedding dress I knew it was time to change my cardio addict ways in order to finally achieve the look and fitness level I coveted in other women. Jenny was the best trainer I could have been matched with (divine intervention I suppose?). She quickly debunked my idea that weight training was boring…every session was different, fun (like playing on the playground) and had a purpose. Jenny also motivates with positive energy, goal setting and practices what she preaches so I always felt like I was part of a team on the same mission. With Jenny, I got the results! I looked stunning on my wedding day and am now a very fit mother of a 10 month old (lost all the baby weight within 6 months due to pre/post natal training). I also ended up making a life-long friend